An unexpected twin vaginal birth at 28+3 weeks

Vaginal twin birth

Author:  Rebecca Story

Friday the 16th December 2016, I had my 28 week scan (a few days early) everything was fine. The boys were perfect, healthy and growing nicely as they should be.

That Sunday I started to feel uncomfortable.

I wasn’t worried though just thought I’d done too much around the house and needed to rest. I went to work on Monday and struggled to sit for as long as I normally could. I couldn’t get comfy in the seat. I was moody as hell and told my boss I wouldn’t be in the following day. So Tuesday I went to get a medical certificate from my GP, he wanted to give me 1 for the rest of the week but I said it would be fine as I was due to finish work that Friday. I then went and got my nails done. Walked around trying to find somewhere that sold my foundation and get my clients at work Christmas presents and it was hard. I was in so much pain. I told Shane he would have to go to the supermarket as the thought of walking around there almost bought me to tears.

I dropped Shane at work at 3am Wednesday morning as he was going interstate for work for the night.
5am I rang the hospital and explained what was going on as the pain had progressively gotten worse. She told me to pack a bag just in case. I put 3 pairs of knickers and socks in my handbag and headed out the door. I sat in the car and considered calling an ambulance but it was only a 10min drive so off I went. Parked the car and walked on up to Maternity. As soon as the doors opened I burst into tears. The midwife did some checks and said it’s possibly a UTI making my uterus contract. I rang Shane to let him know and was a bit more relaxed then.

Until the doctors came in. They did an internal and told me I was 9cm dilated, membranes bulging and about to give birth!

Are you f*cking joking. I am only 28+3 weeks.The hospital I was at doesn’t normally deliver babies under 32 weeks, let alone twins. They had no choice this time as it was too dangerous to transfer me that far along.  Shane turned around and sped back. He rang my parents in NZ to let them know. Meanwhile Colleen (very good friend) came to be with me until he got there. Then Jody arrived (another good friend) and then my sister. I was given an option if I wanted a vaginal birth or caesarean. I chose vaginal as we aren’t having anymore kids.

Colleen held my hand while had an epidural which I had to have in case I needed a c-section for twin 2.
It was scary. I had so many things running through my head. Are they ok? Will they survive. I was sooo scared. But very relaxed at the same time. I remember a nurse saying something to me and I looked at her and said “as long as I get to hold my babies as soon as they’re born I’ll be happy”. Unfortunately I didn’t get the answer I was after.

The epidural slowed down my labour which was awesome as we then had time for the steroids, magnesium and whatever else to get into my system and time for Shane to be there for the birth.
He arrived and held me tight. It was such a relief when he arrived! He walked in stressing out. Meanwhile I was so calm and relaxed. I was obsessed with the catheter because I was peeing and I didn’t even know!!! I asked for a medical certificate for work. I asked them to cancel my obstetrician appointment I had booked the next day. OMG I had to cancel a waxing appointment!  It’s so funny what runs through your head!

At any given time we had 10-15 people in the room monitoring me. People from everywhere. PIPER/NETS, obstetricians, nurses, midwives and goodness knows who else.

1pm and it was my turn to start pushing.

I actually laughed with someone as she put on glasses as protection in case his waters exploded.  I said ‘f*ck the glasses I’d be covering my mouth’. To which she replied it wouldn’t be the 1st time it had happened. OMG. Could you imagine?

Jayden was at the back of the sack so I had to push to get him to the front of the sac. I was pushing for what felt like a lifetime. I wanted to give up.

The epidural had worn off as I stopped pushing the button hours before hand. I was tired. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to wake up and this all be a dream. I was hungry and thirsty. Hot. Still wondering if my babies were going to be ok. Scared and emotional. It’s not even something words can describe being in that situation. They had to pop Jayden’s waters once he was at the front of the sac and they put him on my chest straight away at 3.07pm He was tiny. He was then put straight into the cot and they started to prepare him for transfer to a hospital with NICU. Now it was Jaxson’s turn. He decided because he had so much more room he would move about. He was our breech baby and I was given gas for him. That stuff was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. His waters exploded and he was pulled out by his leg and placed straight on my chest at 3.17pm. I am so glad I got to hold them. Not that I remember it as much as I would like to but I’m so thankful I got that chance. He was also then prepared for transfer to NICU. I still think the placentas coming out was the worst bit! That was horrible.

We are so thankful for the staff that day.

They made such a stressful scary day a little less scary and a bit more relaxed. They were incredible!

They were in Monash NICU for 6 and a half weeks before being transferred back to Frankston for 2 weeks. It was a journey we will never forget and they came home on 18th February 2017.





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