Adult Twin Relationship – Interview with 46 Year Old Twins

adult twin relationship

All twin parents wonder at some stage what their “babies” adult twin relationship will be like. Twinfo has been conducting a series of “twinterviews” to find out.

Denise and Linda are 46 years old.   They live at opposite ends of the country, however have an amazing bond.    Denise lives in Brisbane, Queensland, and Linda lives in Mandurah, Western Australia.

They are unsure if they are identical or fraternal.  We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Adult Twin Relationship Twinterview

Are you identical twins or fraternal twins?

Denise:   Not sure as we haven’t been tested. We are the same blood type but my sister can curl her tongue and I can’t and that is a DNA trait. If identical (from a DNA point of view) then we wouldn’t be.

Linda:  Unsure.

8 year old twins

What do you like best about being a twin?

Denise:  Having someone who knows me so well and in our younger years being able to experience a lot of stuff together.

Linda:  Having someone that completely understands you, a best friend and confidante and someone that you can trust.

What is the worst thing about being a twin?

Denise:  When other people think we want the same stuff. For example – Someone would ask one of us if we would like a drink (or something to eat) and when declined that person wouldn’t ask the other assuming the other didn’t want a drink or eat anything either.

Linda: Having to share when we were younger, the constant comparisons that people make. (Some people seem to think you’re the same person, especially when we were younger).  The constant worry of loosing your twin because you don’t know what life will be like without them.

What differences do you have to your twin?

Denise: Physically, I have a birthmark above my knee and in adulthood a grey streak of hair. Personality wise, I enjoy making friendships and being around others. My sister enjoys her own company.

Linda:  I am an introvert whereas my twin is an extrovert.  She is very social, has many friends and has a big social life.  Even in our younger years I always kept to myself and never liked the nightclub life.  My twin was always out and loved to dance and be around people.  I prefer my own company.

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What are other people’s reactions when they first meet you and find out you are a twin?

Denise:   Wow – I didn’t know you were a twin.

Linda:  Some are surprised, maybe horrified that there is another one of me (joking).  A lot of people are usually intrigued to know that I am a twin and wants to know what it’s like (I always ask what’s it like not being a twin when I get asked that question)

What annoying questions do people ask you when they find out you are a twin?

Denise:  What’s it like to be a twin? (I don’t know what’s it like not to be a twin) and the other can you read each other’s thoughts?

Linda:  What’s it like being a twin and my pet hate is do you feel your twins’ pain if she hurts herself. Another annoying question is do you know what your twin is thinking or feeling (can you read each other minds – no we’re not aliens!!)

How often do you contact each other?

Denise:  Nearly every day, though we do try and limit that to every few days.

Linda:  At one stage nearly every day. But with having a hectic family life, we each have husbands and children we contact each other approximately 2 to 3 times a week.

44 year old twins

How often do you see each other?

Denise: We live in different states so not very often at all. When we were living near each other it would be every few days and when I was working full time (at least every weekend or fortnight weekend).  That was when I wasn’t living with my sister and her hubby/kids.

Linda:  Not enough!  Living on opposite sides of Australia we can only see each other in person maybe once a year, if not longer.

Do you have other siblings?  If so, do you feel as close to them as you do your twin?

Denise:   We have an older brother. We do care for him. We just don’t feel very close to him at all.

Linda:  Yes, an older brother.  We are not particularly close to him and I do not have the same closeness to him that I do to my twin.

Additional comments about your adult twin relationship

Denise:  I would like to add that a mother should never feel that the bond between twins is closer than a bond between mother and child.  You cannot compare twin sibling bond to mother/child bond as each is very special and unique.

44 year old twins
Denise and Linda often buy similar things, without realising, for example, they both bought the same shirt.


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