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Zzleep my baby- Sleep Coaching – Lactation – Baby Massage

23 Oriel Rd, Yeronga, Queensland, Australia, Queensland 4104

Zzleep my baby is a sleep consultancy, we offer advice and coaching to parents that are experiencing challenges with their children at sleep time. Our mission is to help you overcome sleep deprivation.

  • Certified Sleep Consultant  & Member of International Association of Sleep Consultants representing Australia and México
  • Lactation Consultant-Edulacta
  • Infant Massage instructor-Baby in Mind (Australia)


Sleep consultations

Based in Brisbane, Zzleep My Baby is a sleep consultancy and was established to provide support to parents with newborn babies, infants, toddlers, multiple birth families and kids under 5 who struggle to sleep at night.

Our philosophy is based on the Sleep Sense methodology; we work with a compilation of many studies, cases and expertise. We don’t use the controlled crying or the cry-it-out method. We are here to help and make your life better.

We offer a range of sleep consultation services, covering the advice and guidance. All our services are aimed at helping you to put your little ones to sleep effectively and recover the most wanted balanced life style while raising your baby.

Sleep is incredibly important for human growth and development, particularly for very young children and babies as HGH (the Human Growth Hormone) is naturally released during sleep. Therefore, it’s essential that your babies get plenty of rest! Besides, the more sleep your children have, the better your night’s sleep will be too.


 Lactation Consultations

Zzleep my baby also offer emergency skype based lactation consultations for mothers in urgent need of a consultation eliminating the stress of getting out of the house while being tired and in pain for a troublesome breastfeeding

You can also purchase this with a home LC home visit, or a Lactation & sleep package as follow up.


Infant massage

Zzleep run small group Infant Massage that involve the principles of Yoga, Reflexology and Swedish massage


Antenatal Educative Package

Learn some key factors about sleep and feeding that are essential for when your babies arrive. Becoming a parent is not easy and there is nowhere to learn how to be, however the information obtained beforehand can make the difference to begin with good habits in those to areas.  This package covers education about breastfeeding, sleep and infant massage and is the perfect gift for new parents to be!

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Phone: 0409 622 424

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