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Zoozaro Pram Pouch

Multiple Birth Parent: No
Australia, Australia Wide Postage Available


Fits all popular double pram brands!


The Zoozaro pram pouch was designed to make shopping easy and to increase the storage space of your pram so you can do a decent shop in one go. No more hunting for a twin trolley!


pram bag for twin pram


This is the bag that will change your life!

Light and portable, yet strong and durable, the Zoozaro Pram Pouch fits all popular pram brands and is perfect for any type of outing.


twin pram basket


Imagine……………No more wrestling with bags, baskets, shopping and children!


The Zoozaro Pram Pouch increases the storage capacity for your shop, so you don’t need to try and fit everything underneath the pram. It even has a discreet, easy access pocket to fit your phone or wallet and it even has a handle so you can lift it on to the counter easily when shopping!

Find out WHY the Zoozaro Pram Pouch was created HERE.


Plenty of storage

You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in this pram bag – milk, pasta, bread, celery, tins, jars…


hanging basket for pram

Scrunch-able design

Finished shopping? No problem, just scrunch the bag up and pop it away. It can fit in your handbag or just throw it in the base of the stroller.   You can even fold up with pram with the Zoozaro Pram Pouch still attached.


Ergonomically designed

Zoozaro hugs the pram or stroller, so you can walk normally with a load of shopping and still maintain the pram’s manoeuvrability and stability.  And the low centre of gravity the bag is designed to stay upright. Even without a child in the pram.


Watch it in action HERE.


FREE SHIPPING on all orders Australia-wide.




Zoozaro Pram Pouch

  • Perfect for trips to the markets, shops, park, playground, beach etc
  • Fits bassinet attachment as well as forward & rear facing positions.
  • Easily attaches to the frame of your stroller.
  • Allows you an additional 10kg of readily accessible storage.
  • Disconnects from the frame of your stroller quickly or can even be folded down with the stroller for easy storage.
  • Easy access handle & pocket for seamless use.
  • Fits double strollers with handle width up to 73cm.



Shop the Zoozaro Pram Pouch HERE.


Sustainable produce bags

You can order sustainable produce bags from Zoozaro as well.


reusable vegetable bags


Great size, machine washable, recycled and best of all, no more single use plastic!

Order your produce bags HERE.


zoozaro pram bag





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