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Twin Bubnest | A safe place to rest.

Multiple Birth Parent: No
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The twin Bubnest provides your babies with a healthy, safe, natural, chemical free place to rest.


After spending so many months together in the womb, the twin Bubnest allows your babies a safe place to rest, while keeping them close.

Each twin Bubnest comes with a removable divider, so if one is in party mode and the other is in rest mode you can use the divider to create their own space.

Twins sleeping arrangements


The twin Bubnest is a organic, breathable, familiar and soft portable place for your babies.


About the twin Bubnest

Each Bubnest is made from organic materials BOTH on the inside and on the outside and provides a natural chemical free space for bubs to play.  The cover is made from organic cotton and the mattress is made using 100% natural organic latex.

bubnest twin


The twin Bubnest is washable – see HERE for a guide on how to wash them. However, you can avoid having to wash the baby nest by using a liner.  The liner  will protect the nest, capture most spills and it is easy to wash. It won't scrunch up under the bubs head as it is quilted.


The twin Bubnest meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) safety requirements. The twin Bubnest mattress has passed the new AS/NZS voluntary standard for infant sleep surfaces, AS/NZS 8811.1:2013.  Read more HERE



Perfect for travelling or visiting friends and relatives

The twin Bubnest is 100% portable.  This means it’s perfect to take with you when you go to spend the afternoon at Grandmas house, to a yoga session, the beach or even on an international trip.    A carry bag is included with every baby nest purchase to make transportation and travelling easier.


double cot for twins

The Bubnest story


Bubnest® was founded in 2015. Swedish born Astrid made a nest for her own bub to facilitate travels overseas whilst visiting family and friends. Bub and nest became inseparable and Astrid found herself using the nest around the house, out and about, at dinner parties, while exercising, at the beach and more. She realised that all new parents could benefit from a breather while bub could rest in a familiar environment free from chemicals and toxins anywhere at anytime. Bubnest® was born.

Since then Bubnest's mission has been to provide ease to new parents and make the beginning of life even more magical.


Twin travel cot

How to purchase a twin Bubnest

View any available twin Bubnest HERE.

View available Bubnest liners HERE.

View available Bubnest covers HERE.

The twin nests are shipped within 2-10 business days depending on stock levels and demand.

For a complete list of FAQs see HERE.

Bubnest for twins

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