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Free Toilet Learning Group by Jade Rice


Jade specialises in gentle methods to help with establishing toilet use.


“As a Gentle Parent Educator, every month I get hundreds of messages from people all around the world who struggle with helping their child to learn to use the toilet.”


Maybe you tried starting when your little one wasn’t ready?  Or maybe you missed their readiness signs and left it too late. Or if you have been met with resistance at every turn.


gentle toilet training method for twins


Her FREE Toilet Learning Group is the first step in taking control of the toilet learning experience!

The group supports you to understand how to get from where you are now to consistent toilet use with options for methods that still fit in with your gentle parenting style, so you can work WITH your child and toilet learn without the stress.


PLUS, if you decide to sign up to Jade’s program, you only need to pay
for one child, additional multiple birth children are FREE!


Who is the Toilet Learning Group suited to?


  • ​You have a gentle parenting style
  • ​You will feel secure with professional support and advice
  • ​You’re feeling unsure about toilet learning in any way
  • ​You often find yourself saying “I don’t know how to do this!”
  • ​You feel your child will be challenging with toilet learning
  • ​You’re having trouble with resistance to toilet learning
  • You want to have a smooth ride through the process


Join the FREE Group here.


tips for toilet training twins


How does the Toilet Learning Group work?


1.    You have a Toilet Learning question? Jade will answer it!

Jade is in the group from Monday to Friday answering questions on the wall to help you get on track and master the toileting process with your little people.


2.    LIVE Q&A Sessions

Every fortnight, Jade jumps on live and answers your questions in more depth.


Join the FREE Group here.


I can’t wait to help you navigate the toilet learning process with ease!


toilet training hints for twins


I’m interested, what happens next?

As soon as you request to join the Toilet Learning Group you will find articles about the top 5 questions that are asked by Jade’s clients pinned to the announcements. You will then be free to ask questions or browse through the questions asked by other members, and join up to
the Q&As.


Join the FREE Group here.



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