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Talking Money | Money Mindset and Success Coach

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Money Mindset and Success Coach

Based in Brisbane and available via Zoom


Hi, my name is Melissa Meagher and I help people to clear their money blocks, be empowered around managing their money, so they can live a life of ease and grace


What would life be like if you weren’t stressed about money?


  • You are in the situation where money is a non-event for you and your family – which frees up head space and energy to focus on other areas
  • There is always money allocated for Bills when  they arrive and you don’t even skip a beat before paying them
  • You are thriving – there is clarity, awareness and efficiency with money and you smile every time you check your bank account
  • You are building the greatest life possible. There is money available for lifestyle and you are regularly enjoying your heart desires
  • There are cash reserves in the bank  - relying on Credit Cards are a thing of the past
  • Your relationship with money has never felt so good – you feel empowered and intentional with your decision making
  • There is a lightness of being with money


“Knowing where your money goes give you freedom and choice around where you want it to go”


How we work

Book in for your “Clear Your Money Blocks Now” Complimentary Session

During this session:

  • We will work together to create a crystal-clear vision of what would be a successful outcome for your financial situation.  What would your greatest life look like?
  • You will uncover the hidden challenges that may be holding you back and sabotaging your financial abundance (and it isn’t necessarily what you think it is!)
  • And you will leave the session renewed and re-energised to take inspired action and finally clear your money blocks once and for all

To book a session click HERE.


To gain further insight and access more information, please visit our Facebook page HERE.


Testimonial from a client with twin boys

"Working with Melissa has changed the way we feel about money. We were stuck in the cycle of just covering our repayments and never getting ahead. At first we were apprehensive, we couldn't see a way out, but the skills Melissa taught us, and above all her positivity and consistent encouragement have been pivotal in changing our relationship with money. We've been amazed at how far we've come in just six short months, and we're excited to continue to work with Melissa to shape our bright future."



financial help with twins


More about Melissa

Melissa is a super star mother and passionate business woman!

Melissa has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. She previously as a financial planner, stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist.  Melissa holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Diploma of Financial Planning, and is a Certified Financial Planner.

While working in the industry she realised there was a strong need to educate and coach people around managing their money.

Talking Money is about changing people’s lives; by providing the tools, support and framework to empower them to have clarity, awareness and efficiency around their money.

Melissa creates a safe space to have a real conversation about your money.  She is passionate about getting the message out there “that it is ok, to not be ok with your money….and guess what you are not alone!!”

Melissa likes to keep fit and healthy and enjoys spending time with her two children Olivia and Lachlan.  Good company, food and wine are essential!


To contact Melissa, click HERE.


talking money - money mindset coach





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