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Snug Bug Sleep Solutions



Snug Bug Sleep Solutions use proven sleep solutions specifically tailored for newborns to five years.


Hi! I’m Kristy.  I am a proud mother of toddler twins and a long-time lover of sleep!


Having lived through my own personal sleep journey with my twins, I am passionate about the science behind newborn sleep & development as well as the multitude of dynamics which effect newborn & toddler sleep.


As a mum of twins, I know only too well how important it is for everyone to wake up happy, well rested and be able to function throughout the day. Lack of sleep is debilitating. It can affect many aspects of our lives, including our relationships, our mental and emotional health and even our physical health.


No-one told me my babies would have to “learn to sleep” independently. I did not know what a sleep cycle or a biological sleep window was. What was settling and re-settling? Is it behavioural? Or is there a justified reason for inability to self settle-resettle?


As my twins got older and started to develop their own sleep patterns it was clear that my son was a textbook perfect sleeper and my daughter was a serial cat-napper who wanted to be rocked or fed to sleep and cried as soon as she was put in her cot. One extreme to the other! It was exhausting and I dreaded nap times and bedtime.


Read my full personal story about my sleep issues with my twins HERE.


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The science of sleep

The science of sleep and how it all worked fascinated me - and got me thinking... I too could help sleep deprived parents overcome their fears around sleep and help them achieve their personal and family goals, having once been that parent myself.  So I enrolled in studies and became a certified International Child & Infant Sleep Consultant.


Snug Bug Sleep Solutions understands that there is no one size fits all approach to sleep training and all our solutions are tailored to suit the physical and emotional wellbeing of each family.


How can I help you overcome your multiples sleep issues?

Snug Bug Sleep Solutions addresses sleep hygiene, routines, culture, temperament, family situation, parenting styles, dietary requirements and sleep associations, all of which could be contributing to disruption of your little one’s sleep.



I am passionate about empowering sleep deprived parents with knowledge about the sleep process.  And to help them gain confidence in addressing their family’s sleep issues.


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Individually Tailored Short Consultations (via Phone, Email & Video)

Individual sessions address your little one’s sleep environment, health concerns, age appropriate food and nap routines, overnight, sleep associations, settling techniques, sleep goals and any other questions you may have along the way.

Find out more HERE.


Snug Bug Sleep Solutions - Virtual Sleep Consultations

By far the most popular package on offer for parents wanting advice and guidance regarding sleep issues without the need for an in-home consultation. These packages cater to parents who are confident in implementing suggested routines, strategies and techniques with the benefit of receiving one on one support and encouragement along the way.

Find out more HERE.



In-Home Sleep Consultations

Snug Bug Sleep Solutions offer in-home consultations.  These are great for parents wanting a hands on approach to sleep solutions.  We provide advice and guidance towards implementing strategies and techniques. Kristy will visit your home and provide an analysis of your sleeping arrangements & home layout, and how your daily routines work around nap times/bedtime within the comfort of your home environment.

Find out more HERE.


Snug Bug Sleep Solutions will have your little one sleeping as snug as a bug in a rug in no time.


The best starting point toward better sleep…

Schedule a Free 15 minute Initial Consultation today.  We will briefly discuss your little one’s sleep issues and goals to work towards.

Book your free consult HERE.



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