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Mummy Matcher | Connecting Mums

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Mummy Matcher’s mission is simple; to connect Mum’s in unique situations so they can communicate with a person who just gets it.


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How the concept of Mummy Matcher was born.

Motherhood can be lonely. Motherhood can be isolating and motherhood IS tough.

Throw in an unexpected curve ball such as becoming a Mum of multiples, having children with additional needs or living with mental health challenges and feelings of utter despair can very easily begin to take hold.

How do I know this? Because this is exactly how I felt when I was sitting in hospital with my medically complex daughter for weeks on end. Even though I had an amazing support system, I so desperately wanted to connect with another Mum in a similar situation.


founder of mummy matcher


This desire ultimately led to the creation of Mummy Matcher.


A service that connects Mum’s going through unique experiences so they can communicate with someone who just gets it.


To find out more about the creation of Mummy Matcher, please click HERE.


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Mummy Matcher - What do we do?

Mummy Matcher’s mission is simple; to connect Mum’s in unique situations so they can communicate with a person who just gets it.

Trying to explain how a panic attack feels to someone who has never experienced anxiety or sharing that your low tone 12 month old has just beared their weight for the first time with a mother of a typically developing child is like trying to explain to a toddler why they can’t have chocolate for breakfast.Well meaning, necessary but kind of pointless.

This is absolutely no reflection of your beautiful support network, it is just the reality that there are certain things in life that can only be understood by someone who has also lived it.


Mummy Matcher is about connecting Mum’s in the same situation who want to communicate ONLINE.


connecting mothers with ASD children


What is a unique situation?

These are some examples of the unique situations our Mums are talking about:

  • Death of a child
  • Going through cancer treatment
  • Having children who are medically complex and/or have a disability
  • Infertility
  • Living with chronic health issues
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Multiple birth mums
  • Mums with disabilities
  • Solo mums
  • Traumatic births
  • Widows


To find out more, click HERE.


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How does Mummy Matcher work?

You complete our getting to know you form, your information is analysed by a real person, not an algorithm, you are connected with your match via email. The rest is up to you!


To find out more, click HERE.


Read our blog

We all have a unique story; sharing our stories is a way to connect with others and help us realise we are not alone.   Read some of our Mums stories HERE.


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