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Mess Me Not High Chair Smock

Multiple Birth Parent: No
Australia Wide Postage Available

Do you hate cleaning multiple high chairs?

Are you sick of your babies’ clothes being stained from food?


Babies are naturally messy but with a Mess Me Not Smock your mealtimes don't have to be!


keeping twins clean in highchair


The Mess Me Not High Chair Smock

  • Keeps your babies clean from the neck down
  • Is comfortable and allows your babies to move freely
  • Easy to put on
  • Catches all food otherwise dropped in laps
  • Protects the entire highchair tray
  • Features a quick release clip at the back for fast removal


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No cleaning highchair trays, no cleaning squished food from the bottom of the highchair seat, no changing wet and soiled clothing, no soaking and scrubbing stains out of clothes.


feeding twins in high chairs


Better yet, as the smocks can be cleaned so easily and thoroughly in the wash, the need for bowls and plates isn't even necessary.


Proudly Australian owned.


The beauty of these smocks being so light and compact is that you can also pop them in your nappy bag when leaving the house.  Use them when out and about to not only keep your babies’ clothing clean, but protect them from germs left behind on public highchairs.


 BPA and Phthalate free as well as being 100% food safe and waterproof!


Order your Mess Me Not Smock HERE.

Get 15% off using the code TWINFO


Using the Mess Me Not High Chair Smock

  1. Just place your baby in the highchair and secure them in using the highchair straps.
  2. Place the smock over the tray and your baby's arms into the smock and fasten at the neck.
  3. Pull the back part of the smock over the chair.


cleaning messy high chairs twins


Removing the Mess Me Not

  1. Take the smock off your baby and take them out of the chair.
  2. Remove the smock off the tray & collect the mess in the smock.
  3. Discard leftover food and throw the Mess Me Not into the washing machine. (Can also be wiped clean for smaller messes.)
  4. No need to clean the highchair tray and clothes are left clean and dry!


high chair smocks for twins


Watch a 7 second video on how to remove the Mess Me Not HERE.


Will a Mess Me Not will fit our highchairs?

Yes!!!  Mess Me Not smocks have no issues fitting your highchairs regardless of the shape or size of the highchair tray. This also makes it great to take when going to restaurants and visiting friends or relatives.


The Mess Me Not even fits most prams!

protecting the pram while eating


Order your Mess Me Not Smock HERE.

Get 15% off using the code TWINFO




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