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Mandy Hose She Knows | Multiple Birth Sleep Consultant

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Multiple Birth Parent: Yes
Melbourne, Victoria
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Does this sound like a familiar story?

In 2005, Mandy’s life changed forever after giving birth to twin girls at only 31 weeks gestation. The twins spent a combined two months in both Neonatal Intensive Care and the Special Care Nursery. This unexpected early birth sent shockwaves through Mandy, her husband Darren and their extended family and friends.

Mandy Hose twins

Multiple Birth Sleep Consultant Qualifications and Experience

Mandy has a Diploma in Children’s Services and twenty years experience working with babies and young children in both childcare centres and early parenting support roles.    Mandy has worked at the QEC Early Parenting Centre. She helped struggling families learn sleep, settling and communication skills in the Day Stay and 5-Day Residential Program.

Twin Mum Mandy has worked with many multiple birth families and has made quite a name for herself as a multiple birth sleep consultant.

Find out more about Mandy HERE


Sleep and Settling Packages

Packages start from just $100

Find out more about the Sleep and Settling Packages HERE

Essential Oil Sleep Mists

Mandy has created a beautiful range of mists to help everyone in the family sleep.

Sleepytime Mist


Shop for Mist HERE

  • Sleepytime Mist –  perfect for babies & toddlers
  • Kids Sleep Mist – is the one for any child in primary school
  • Sleep Mist – For any woman having trouble sleeping
  • Meltdown Mist - For any child with a developmental disability
  • Monster Mist is the perfect antidote to any pre schooler who is fearful overnight.
  • Teen Sleep Mist - to help their minds slow down before sleep
  • Pooch Pawfume - A mist for your dogs




Meet Mandy - Multiple Birth Sleep Consultant

As an Early Childhood Consultant, Mandy is available to help all families learn the skills they need to get through the tough times. Mandy in particular specialises in supporting families managing premature and multiple births as well as special -needs children.

Mandy believes ‘our families are never black and white, they are all shades of grey’. She is a wonderful ally to have by your side through your own parenting journey. Indeed…she knows!!

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Mandy Hose Mandy Hose sleep consultant


Contact Information
Phone: 0458 998 804

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