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Lullababy SOS is one of Australia's longest running Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultancy Service.


With over 18 years of experience working with babies, toddler, multiples and their families there really isn't a situation that I haven't encountered.


Lullababy SOS believes in supporting your child through learning how to sleep better.


Who is Lullababy SOS?

I'm Elaine Harvey, wife, mum, owner of Lullababy SOS. I’m an Early Childhood Educator and a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant. I help mums and dads with all things baby and Toddler related with a special focus on sleep settling and routine. I have worked with over 10,0000 families over 18 years, both in Australia and globally.


My goal first and foremost is to help parents understand how they have everything they need to help their little ones grow and develop.


I show parents how to breakdown the overwhelm with a healthy routine, understand sleep science and make small changes that make a HUGE difference so they can find their confidence in their parenting power.


Find out more about me HERE.

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Why choose Lullababy SOS?

What make Lullababy SOS different is that you will not find a ‘sleep training strategy’ around what I do.

Lullababy SOS focus’ on helping parents understand your baby, early childhood development, sleep science and sleep development and how and why simple changes can make a big difference you can help that flourish.

Babies and children, unfortunately, don’t come with a manual, and every day parents put pressure on themselves and feel the pressure externally to have all the answers. My goal is to empower as many parents as I can to find their confidence, to find your own grove and be confident in your parenting skills


Let me be your sleep coach…. Guru…… baby whisper…. Together we will succeed.


How does an online sleep consult work?

I absolutely LOVE phone/video consultations. I have a studio set up at home with a fully functioning nursery so I can demonstrate settling routines & techniques.

Online consultations are an individually tailored settling plan for your little ones. With the help of some prior information sent to me from you including a brief history & diary, I can see your sticking points & where changes need to be made.

We then spend 1 hour on the phone or video conference discussing your settling plan. Then you put these recommendations into place with 3 wks support included.

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Lullababy SOS Sleep Packages Available

Lullababy SOS have a wide range of packages available.

Cradle to Big Bed (Ideal for 4 mths – 2 yrs)

During this Online Phone/ Video consultations, you will learn everything that you need to learn to start addressing your little ones excessive overnight wakes and start improving their sleep, settling and routine straightaway. This Consultation includes all the advantages of an in-home consultation, but instead of hands-on support, my support is virtual.

In this 1 hour consultation, we will discuss in detail all the changes that you need to make that will help you and your family gain back hours of sleep.

Find out more HERE.


Pre-natal & New Born Consultation

So you have done your Pre-natal classes and learnt all about what to expect at the birth, you’ve learnt how to change nappies and swaddle babies, but you’re still feeling clueless about feeding sleeping and routines. Well, this is the Consultation to help you clear up all that confusion.


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Find out more HERE.

Big Bed to Big School 2-6 years

Especially for those cheeky monkey’s who are driving you round the twist with their bedtime antics and musical beds overnight.

If your exhausted, frustrated and just plan out of ideas for how to help your little one go to sleep and stay in their own bed, then this is the Consultation for you.

Find out more HERE.



Our 3 and a half month old twins were running us ragged, often getting me up every hour at night and barely sleeping through the day. They were always cranky and it was very stressful. The night Elaine came over for a consultation they only woke once for a feed, and that has been their routine ever since. Elaine also sorted out their daytime routine and now they sleep so well and are different babies, always babbling, smiling and so happy. Elaine gave us such good advice and the confidence to put into practice what seems so mystifying when you read it in a book. We are so happy with the results of her consultation and her accessibility in the weeks following for further questions and would recommend her to any parent as it is well worth the money to establish good sleeping habits as early as you can.

Claire, Ocean Shores


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