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Lullababy SOS Sleep Consultant

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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Twin sleep consultant


Lullababy SOS is one of Australia's longest running Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultancy Services.


Don’t wait until you have a sleep problem that needs to be resolved.

Sleep, like everything, is a learnt skill. A young baby learns to sleep through experience. What a baby learns during the first few months of life become skills that will last them a lifetime. So it makes sense to teach your baby how to self settle from an early stage. Research shows that sleep problems during infancy can continue all the way up to adulthood.

By helping your baby learn how to settle and resettle early on, you are equipping them with the skills that will last a lifetime.

Lullababy SOS offers a range of consultations from Phone Consultations to Full days and extended stays


What Lullababy SOS Baby Whisperer can help you with

  • Teaching comfort settling techniques
  • Techniques to support night waking
  • Providing support for parent with newborns
  • Establishing a flexible daily routine
  • Assist and coach parents in Mothercraft skills
  • Teaching feeding techniques
  • Breastfeeding care and advice
  • Reflux and Colic management
  • Care of twins and multiples
  • Supporting parents of pre-term & special needs infants
  • Setting up a nursery – providing support for new parents during the first 48 hours at home
  • Follow up service offered


Lullababy SOS believes in supporting your children through learning how to sleep better

I encourage parents to follow a responsive hands on settling approach. Although I don't believe in any version of controlled crying I do believe that your child’s crying is their communication and first language. I will help you to understand this and support and respond to your child’s needs with confidence. Each family that I work with is treated as an individual I guarantee that I won’t provide a one-size fits all method, nor will I offer a range of different methods and pick one. During our consultation I will provide an individual settling plan based on your situation.

Twin sleep schedule


Lullababy SOS provide a range of sleep consultations for multiples including :

  • In-home Sleep Consultation packages (including Fly- In Consultations)
  • Phone and Email Consultation
  • Workshops
  • Sleep and Behaviour Consultations from Birth to 8 years

If you would like to book a consultation or more information click HERE

twin sleep consultant gold coast



This multi-multiple birth family has used Elaine for both their sets of twins.

Simone - I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Elaine for over 5 years and she has been such an incredible support for my family and I over that time.

I first contacted Elaine when my twin boys were about 12 weeks old. From my very first conversation with Elaine, I found her so reassuring, supportive and understanding. Elaine showed so much empathy for the challenges we were having and when she came to visit, she shared so much of her incredible knowledge with my husband and I. I was immediately confident that we were in such capable hands and with Elaine’s guidance and plan, we quickly saw huge improvements in our boys sleep and I still attribute their fabulous sleeping habits to Elaine and the tips and tricks she provided to us from when they were babies.

Fast forward a few years and we were as shocked as anyone to discover we were going to have twins again! Feeling completely overwhelmed at the thought of bringing home our second set of twins (girls this time), my husband and I would often say to each other while I was still pregnant, “we will just get Elaine straight away!”

We had gained so much from Elaine from when she worked with us with our boys, and we were able to implement a lot of those tips and tricks with the girls which was great. However, we had a few different challenges with the girls, and our nights were particularly tough. I called Elaine when the girls were about 14 weeks and straight away, I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Her beautiful nature and ability to instil confidence in me and reassure me was just so comforting. Once again, Elaine worked her magic with our little girls and we are so grateful! Our girls are incredible sleepers and it just makes such a difference to our very busy house to know that all four of our children sleep really well.

Thank you so much Elaine! You have a remarkable gift and are a real game changer during what can be such a daunting, exhausting and challenging time. We are forever grateful for what you have done for our family and we recommend you to everyone in our lives and sing your praises loudly!

To read more testimonials click HERE


With over 15 years of experience working with babies, toddler, multiples and their families there really isn't a situation that I haven't encountered. As a qualified Sleep Consultant, Maternity Nurse, and Early Childhood Education you can book a consultation with confidence that you are getting a premium service.


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