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Little Petals Sleep Solutions

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Little Petals Sleep Solutions helps parents optimise baby sleep.


Hi I'm Karen. My passion is empowering parents with knowledge about babies sleep to prevent parents from getting into situations where they feel out of control.


I am a mum to TWO sets of twins, and I am also a Registered Nurse and have worked in a private hospital sleep school and Early Parenting Centre for nearly 10 years.  So, I really do understand.


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Why I started Little Petals Sleep Solutions


Working at an inpatient mother baby unit for nearly 10 years, I see the troubles that parents can have. I know the pain and trouble lack of sleep can cause. The thing that struck me was how often the parents said, ‘I wish we knew’.

I want to be the person that tells new and expectant parents what they need to know BEFORE they need to know.


Little Petals aims to educate parents about baby sleep requirements to help ease the stress of early parenthood.


Babies are little for such a short period of time. Enjoying precious moments is much sweeter when everyone has had a good solid dose of beautiful, soul filling, delicious sleep.


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Sleep Baby Optimisation ONLINE Course


Lay the foundations while you are pregnant to optimise your baby's sleep with this online course.

Foundations are the key to everything in life and when it comes to your baby's sleep it is no different.   By completing our Sleep Baby Optimisation course to learn about the basics of baby sleep, we hope to prevent you from needing sleep assistance down the track.

Little Petals Sleep Solutions teach parents everything parents didn’t know they needed to know!


Our online course is a series of videos where you can:

  • Learn the foundations of baby sleep.
  • Learn how to read your babies sleep cues, signal to them it's bedtime, help them get to sleep and resettle through sleep cycles.
  • Understand how much sleep your babies need.
  • Learn how this can fit into your life and philosophies.


To get the most out of the Sleep Optimisation program we recommend you get started when you are pregnant to be well prepared. Then delve right into it when your babies are 6–12 weeks old.

Learn more about the Sleep Optimisation Program here.


Private Consultations – in home or online


If you have reached the point where you know things just are not working, and you need some extra help, then Little Petals can help.  With a caring and non-judgemental approach to sleep education and support, Little Petals provides advice and strategies to help babies and parents make the most of their sleeping hours.

I can optimise the amount of sleep your little petals have.  Due to my extensive experience, I can also assess YOUR ability to work with the suggestions I give you.  I can adapt the suggestions as appropriate so we can find a solution to suit your parenting style.


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Little Petals Sleep Solutions Sleep Packages


At Little Petals, we don’t offer set packages.  Instead, we have an hourly rate so you can use us as much, or as little, as you like.


Contact me to arrange a FREE 15 minute consult over the phone and we can discuss how we can work together.



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