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Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions

sleep consultant triplets
Multiple Birth Parent: No
Sydney, New South Wales

How can Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions help you?

Mary, founder of Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions, understands what it’s like to be a sleep deprived parent. It's really hard to enjoy parenthood when you are in a state of absolute exhaustion, it's not fun and makes everything so much harder.

As a mum to two little ones herself, Mary has lived through the torture that is sleep deprivation, using this as motivation to become a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and applying her knowledge to fix the sleep issues she was experiencing with her youngest child.

"I have been in your shoes, and can provide an understanding and non judgmental shoulder to lean on..."



sleep consultant twins









Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions offer a supportive, gentle, flexible, family-led approach to sleep and settling.

To find out more about Mary, click HERE


Sleep problems are often the #1 frustration for parents.

Poor sleep affects the mental, emotional and developmental health of not only babies and children, but of the parents as well.  Sleep is as important to our body as food and water. Insufficient sleep has dire consequences on our relationships, our day to day functioning and on our overall health. The term "sleep like a baby" can be misleading - when it comes to babies, sleep is a learnt skill, and for many it doesn't come naturally. After the fog of the first few months lift, most parents look forward to their baby sleeping longer stretches and often this is just not the case.  This is where Little Dreamers come in!

They can help you work out how much sleep your little one needs per 24 hours, when and how often they should nap each day, give tips for gradually reducing excessive night feeding, create an age appropriate routine to fit in with your schedule, teach your baby to fall asleep independently and stay asleep, and help you to create the ideal environment to promote healthy sleep in your house.

There are many packages to choose from, and you can even build your own based on your specific needs and budget. All packages include an in depth sleep assessment of each individual child, a personalised sleep plan based not only on your child's needs, but on your goals and parenting style, sleep and settling techniques, an age appropriate routine, and two weeks of full and unlimited support.

sleep consultant triplets


Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions is dedicated to helping parents find the right sleep solutions for their children's sleep problems.


Little Dreamers offer:

  • Sleep consults via email
  • Sleep consults via the phone
  • In home daytime and evening sleep consults
  • Overnight sleep consults
  • Post natal support – which allows you to get some much needed rest
  • Specials rates for families of multiples
  • Individual tailored packages
  • All packages come with 2 week of unlimited support


To find out more about the Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions packages, click HERE


Overtired twins


Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions will support your family with a gentle and flexible program based on your individual children, your family's needs, your goals, and your parenting style.


“We have just finished up a month of post natal support with Mary for our newborn twin boys. I am so sad we can’t keep her forever.Mary worked a mixture of days and nights supporting us bringing our boys home from hospital. Her knowledge and experience is amazing. She is so calm and my boys just loved her. She was able to help as a second pair of hands, holding and feeding and bathing the boys, and she definitely had a knack of getting them off to sleep. I now know about things like “nap windows” and “white noise” that are still helping us everyday get our boys sleeping and they are very content babies as a result.

Lisa, Bellevue Hill


"Mary was absolutely wonderful! My 6 month old now knows how to self settle and is connecting his sleep cycles. Night times are so much better and his sleep routine is so much more predictable now (which means I feel a lot more in control). She is very warm and non-judgemental and she tailors the plan to meet yours and your baby's needs whilst incorporating your parenting style. I would highly recommend her." 

Michal, Sydney


To read more about how Mary has helped our families, click HERE







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