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Holistic Wellness for Mums


I help women like you, especially Mums, gain their health and vitality back after having children.


My name is Jessica Phillips and I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am also a mum of three (including twin girls).

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach twins


Does this sound familiar?


After having my twins, I was so worn out and exhausted. I wasn’t eating correctly, I would run to the coffee machine first thing in the morning as if this was going to make me feel better…it didn’t. I had a really poor digestive system, constipation, dull & hormonal breakout skin, argh the list can go on. I needed all the help I could get to give me the energy to look after these twin girls.


tired twin mum Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


As I worked on my own health, I was able to help others do the same. I soon became obsessed with health and helping others, and this is where my new passion was born.


​"My souls work is to help bring back the vitality one Mum at a time"


Find out more about Jess HERE.

Find out more about my training HERE.


Join my Holistic Wellness for Mums Support Group HERE.


Holistic Wellness for Mums of triplets


My approach as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship(s) cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?


“You can’t control what goes on outside, but you CAN control what goes on inside.”


If you are someone who is wanting more connection with like minded women, a safe place to be yourself, nutrition support, weight loss tips, dieting, mindset, information on gut health, meal planning, smoothies and MORE, then join my free group today.


Join my Holistic Wellness for Mums Support Group HERE.


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach triplets


Being a twin mum myself, plus having a third child, I know all to well how tiring it can be.


When we become mums, we can often lose ourselves and I am here to help you put 'YOU' first again.


Join my FREE Holistic Wellness for Mums group today to find out more.


exhausted twin mum needs life coach

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