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No one wants to think about death, especially at a time when they are bringing two or more babies into this world. However, making sure you have a will is one of the most important things you can do for your children.

Having two or more babies at the same time means that life gets thrown into total chaos and a lot of admin tasks get overlooked.  Like making sure your will is current.  It is important to review your will regularly and ensure it is up to date.

Hilton Lawyers are here to make this process for you as easy as possible.


What is a will?

A will is a legal document that that specifies what happens to both your assets and your children when you die.  A will must be a legal written document and needs to be witnessed by two independent witnesses.  Your will contains many important instructions relating to your affairs once you pass away.

The death of a loved one can have a devastating impact on your family.  A properly drafted will can help reduce the stress in a very stressful situation. A will ensures peace of mind for both you and your family.


will when you have twins


Why should you make a will when you have children?

Making a will is your opportunity to document a plan to protect your children and any property you may leave to them should you die.  It gives you a chance to voice your wishes and provide reasoning as to who you would like to raise your children.   This is particularly important if there are several invested parties who may have differing opinions on who should raise your children.

Your will can also appoint a person to be the financial guardian of your children’s finances.

Hilton Lawyers can draft your will as a ‘smarter will’ in order to establish testamentary trusts, which, when your will comes into effect, may save your loved ones tens of thousands of dollars in taxes resulting for their inheritance.

Your children are one of the most, if not the most, important thing in your life. A will provides you with security knowing that your wishes for your children will be adhered to when your will comes into effect.



How can Hilton Lawyers help me make my will?


At Hilton Lawyers, we discuss the importance of a will with you.  We will outline some of the details you need to consider before drafting the will. We then work with you to ensure that you have considered all the relevant information and that your wishes will be properly documented.

Whilst face to face consultation provide familiarity with our clients, this is not always possible due to having multiples or your location. We can facilitate the meeting with you via Skype or telephone in order to take your instruction. This can also be done by email. We don’t let something like distance get in our way.

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Who are Hilton Lawyers?

Hilton Lawyers Adelaide have been established since 1995.   The friendly and experienced team are all experts in their field.

Michelle Cahill, an Associate with Hilton Lawyers is an expert in will preparation.  She is also a twin mum of near 2-year old boys and a 5-year old boy, so she really understands how busy life can get once your babies arrive.


wills for twins


We are happy to speak with you about the preparation of your will, or any of our other areas of expertise to see if we can help you. Hilton Lawyers pride ourselves on our motto “Helping people when life gets tough”. And let’s face it, life in the early years with twins or triplets is often a rollercoaster!


We look forward to helping you.


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