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This SANITY SAVING high chair food catcher will cut down cleaning time considerably – which is what every multiple parent needs.  The award winning food catcher is the splat mat redefined. It keeps all the mess contained and off the floor during mealtimes letting parents enjoy mealtimes with their family.

Food is caught with its wide catch zone out the front and sides and is also completely untouchable by Bub


Keeps food off the floor! Saves stress levels, time and makes clean up a breeze!


The mess is contained, and it doesn't need to be cleaned while your children are still in the chair. Come back to clean it up when you have time.


mat for under high chair


Shop for the High Chair Food Catcher HERE.


How does the High Chair Food Catcher work?


The Food Catcher attaches to most four legged high chairs, and select two legged high chairs. It hangs out the sides and out the front, so the food doesn’t drop and SPLAT onto the floor.

It’s easy to clean when you can. Just wipe all the food off the seat and tray into the catcher. Scoop the food out of the catcher and wipe down while it is still attached, and leave it attached until it's time to throw in the wash.

It is really that easy!


highchair food catcher


Our High Chair Food Catchers come in their very own pouch, which is perfect for taking with you on-the-go or on holidays. It’s also fully waterproof, so no stained carpet or mucky floors when they spill their milk.


No mess, easy clean up, no missing scraps and finding ants the next day!


The Food Catcher attaches with velcro to the edges of the high chair and creates a drop zone, to collect food dropped down the front, sides and lap.  You can even you can attach it to a table for an even WIDER catch zone.


food catcher for high chairs


Shop for the High Chair Food Catcher HERE.


Ideal for baby-led weaning and making feeding time and clean-up a breeze.


Cleaning your Food Catcher is quick and easy.

Watch HERE.


Attaching your Food Catcher to a high chair only takes 2 minutes.

Watch HERE.


Read our full list of FAQ about the Food Catcher

Read HERE.


Our Food Catchers are designed to grow with your babies - from high chairs to booster seats to toddler chairs and beyond.


high chair mat


Twin Attachment Food Catcher


Join two or more Food Catchers together for your multiples if your multiples prefer to eat near each other.


Watch the video on how to use your twin attachment HERE.


Buy the twin attachment HERE.


food catcher highchair


Shop for the High Chair Food Catcher HERE.


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