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The Healthy Wallet Project


Are you ready to change your financial situation?


Tired of going around in circles?


Sick of dipping into your savings to pay for bills that you forgot about?


Hi Terri here, I am your Healthy Money Mentor and the mum of three who created The Healthy Wallet Project. I am on a mission to help people become Financially Fearless by giving you the tools, knowledge and support to start achieving your financial goals


Saving money for twins


The Healthy Wallet Project


The Healthy Wallet Project is a community created to support families to take control of their finances with the help of our 90 day Budget Journal.


Come join our FREE community to get to know us better!

Join HERE.


“It’s not about how much money you make but how you manage it”


We have created this group to help start conversations around finances.

If you are looking for inspiration, want to find new ways to save, share something you have tried, heard of something but not sure if it worked, want to hear other peoples experiences come join our community.


Join HERE.


You can easily create a budget, you can easily write down goals but it is your mindset that will determine your success.

This is a place for support zero judgement.  We look at ways beyond spreadsheets, challenge your current thoughts and make what seems impossible POSSIBLE.


finances after having twins


The Healthy Wallet Project 90 day Budget Journal


This is no ordinary Journal.  It steps you through the process of taking a financial health check.

Help you find what is working, what isn’t and helping you set out a plan to make your dreams come true.  No more going around in circles waiting for the day you have more money.


All it takes is 90 days to change your life.


This 90 day self paced Journal will step you through the 3 steps you need to take.

  1. Discover what success looks like for you and get to know how much it costs to be you
  2. Master your money mindset and rewrite the stories that are holding you back
  3. Take action and build your financial plan


healthy wallet project and twins


This step by step process will allow you to :

  1. Start seeing savings in your bank account
  2. Have money available in an emergency
  3. Pay bills without even knowing (hello automation)
  4. And have a budget that you LOVE!


Shop the journal HERE.


Join our FREE community HERE.


budget for twins

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