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Parenting Multiples or Pregnant with Multiples? Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed? Get our FREE guide...details below.


Becoming a parent to multiples is a special and unique experience that can completely change your life...


But let’s be honest - not all of these changes feel good, all of the time.


I'm Cristina, and as a fellow parent of multiples, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, out of your depth, isolated, worried - and to desire feeling more confident in your abilities and excited about the season of life you’re in (because it really is so exciting!)


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When I unexpectedly became a first-time mother to twins at the age of 40, my life changed dramatically.


Even with a doctorate in psychology, I was simply unprepared for the challenges that were to come!


My own multiple birth journey inspired me to want to help others feel confident about raising multiple babies. My pregnancy was deemed “high-risk” from the start which put me in a negative mindset from the very beginning.


By the time I was able to take my babies home, my confidence was shattered. I struggled with thoughts of self-doubt and not believing I was a “good enough” mother. It took me a long time to realise that I had undergone a huge life transition with numerous bodily and psychological changes. There was nothing wrong with me but there was a lot that was lacking in the systems around me.


The services I provide are designed exclusively for parents of multiples.


Unlike other antenatal or post-birth parenting programs, my services are specifically created for parents of multiples. My approach goes well beyond the practical tips and strategies required to look after twins, triplets or more. Instead, I focus on what you really need to prepare and thrive in parenthood.


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Fierce Kind Mama of Multiples Parenting Support. Get our FREE guide...details below.


My programs are designed to help you be calmer and more connected to your children so that you raise emotionally resilient children all while enjoying the season of life you are in, creating lasting, positive family memories, and being the type of parent you are most proud to be.


You deserve to thrive and not simply survive!


Discover the secrets to beating overwhelm and unlocking your confidence in raising multiples!


As a mother of twins and a clinical psychologist, I've crafted a free guide combining personal experience and 15+ years of mental health expertise. Whether you are pregnant or currently raising multiples, this guide has something for everyone!


What's Inside:

  • Identify and use your strengths
  • Sit with feelings and find peace
  • Mind techniques for tough days
  • Focus on what truly matters


Ready to thrive as a parent of multiples?


Download your FREE guide from Fierce Kind Mama here.

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