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Dream Winks Sleep Quality Specialist

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Dream Winks Sleep Quality Specialist


Hi, my name is Catherine, I am Dream Winks and I talk sleep.  I am mum to three beautiful children.  And I am also an IVF warrior and miscarriage survivor, who has also experienced extended bedrest, two Special Care journeys, C-sections under general anaesthetic, constant expressing, tongue ties, reflux and post natal depression.  Plus more.


So far it’s been a long tough road but I wouldn’t have it any other way!   You can find out more about me and my journey HERE.


What is the difference between a sleep quality specialist and a sleep consultant?


I pride myself in achieving great results long term without sleep training. By addressing WHY they are struggling and meeting all their needs. All my work is very baby led.


Dream Winks has an innovative model for sleep that help you to focus on WHY you are seeing poor sleep to resolve the sleep issues rather than focusing on settling.


The Dream Winks Sleep Blueprint Solution targets the quality of sleep, not the duration. This leads to ongoing change rather than the band aid you get with the traditional sleep model. When Quality Sleep is achieved duration follows leading to long term great quality sleep.


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How does the Dream Winks Sleep Blueprint Solution work?


Working together we will:

  • Identify any red flags that signal sleep issues.
  • We will do an initial assessment and investigation of any issues in the areas of  breathing, feeding, diet, environment and more.
  • Your Sleep Blueprint is developed to manage and resolve the problems to set up the best possible solution for sleep.
  • I will then help you implement your Sleep Blueprint and offer and baby led adjustments
  • Together we will reach a point where the issues are addressed and the best possible situation for good sleep has been created.
  • This structure and guidance will help achieve consistent and quality sleep.
  • Dream Winks provides support as long as is needed to resolve your issues and includes a minimum of 6 months ongoing support with our sleep specialist


Book a call to discuss the Dream Winks Sleep Blueprint Solution HERE.



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Dream Winks offer several levels of support – get support for your multiples for the cost of a single child.


Dream Winks has a variety of levels of support.

Find out more HERE.


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If you are having difficulty with your children’s sleep the very first thing you need to know is if the problem is a simple fix, or whether your children’s sleep presentation indicates that there is a sleep quality issue. I would love to help you work that out!


Book a call to discuss your children’s sleep HERE.


If you are struggling with your little ones sleep you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t need to push through with settling and you certainly don’t need to ‘wait it out’.


Fully personalised support to address the root cause of sleep issues


What you do need is constant support and a look at the whole picture to identify and address the underlying issues that are making sleep so challenging.


I can help you with that.


Book a call to discuss your children’s sleep HERE.


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Catherine also runs a free Facebook Group, which you can join HERE.


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