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Core Fit by Bec - Online Workouts for Women


Hi there. I’m Bec Steele. A physiotherapist, pilates instructor and mum of 3.

I'm passionate about helping women become fitter and stronger and improve their pelvic floor and core strength.


Physiotherapist designed pilates and strengthening programs designed for women.


We are all grateful for our bodies and what they have achieved.  Wanting to lose weight or tone up doesn’t mean that you’re letting team Positive Body Image down. You can still love and appreciate your body while wanting to lose excess weight or tone up.


Learn more about Bec HERE.


core damage after twins


Core Fit by Bec Online Program

All Core Fit by Bec workouts have an emphasis on pelvic floor and core strength as well as targeting those trouble areas for women- legs, butts, abs and arms.


My workouts consist of a fusion of Pilates and weights exercises and some use equipment such as balls, theraband, weights and Pilates rings, while others use no equipment. Equipment can be great for challenging you and changing the focus of an exercise as well as keeping things fun.  But to get started, all you need is some floor space and a positive attitude!


Workouts that vary in duration so you can pick how much time to spend on your workout. I give options and recommendations for specific conditions such as pelvic floor weakness, prolapse or abdominal muscle separation so you can feel confident in your program.


loss of core strength after twins


Core Fit by Bec Subscriptions


Affordable monthly or 3 monthly subscriptions with the ability to cancel at any time on monthly memberships.

Subscribe for 1 or 3 months and receive access to the complete library of workouts designed for women and targeting the core and pelvic floor. You also have access to the 3 level “Pelvic Floor and Core Connection and Integration” exercises as well as the “Return to Running Program” for the duration of your membership.


  • No lock in contract.
  • Option to renew at the end of your subscription.
  • Workout when it suits you with complete instruction and tips on how to monitor your technique.
  • Modifications are also provided when necessary to ensure that you are working at a level that is right for you.
  • Varying length of workouts and option to use equipment as described in video description.
  • New workouts are uploaded regularly to ensure you don’t get bored!


Find out more HERE.


online pilates postpartum


My passion is to help women feel stronger and more in control of their bodies again, especially after having children or simply after time away from exercise.


Pelvic floor educator

Many women find it challenging to know if they are doing their pelvic floor exercises correctly.  This device gives you feedback as to whether your contraction technique is correct.    A great way to get feedback when you aren’t with your physio.



Shop HERE.


Aquaflex vaginal weights

This is a fantastic aid to improving your pelvic floor muscle strength.  Featuring 2 different sized cones as well as weights to provide a progressive strengthening aid, they are great value for money and a go-to strengthening aid.



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Return to Running Program

This 4 stage program covers all of the areas you need to confidently return to running post partum or after injury/time off.

The program covers 4 different areas – pelvic floor, balance, strengthening and cardiovascular fitness.

There is also a PDF of the recommended exercises so that once you are familiar with the videos, you can use the PDF as a reminder of your program instead of needing to watch the videos each time.

Purchasing this program gives you LIFE TIME ACCESS.

Sign up HERE.


running after having twins


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