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Cheryl The Sleep Coach


Hi, I’m Cheryl The Sleep Coach and I specialises in babies and children from 5 mths of age.


Are your children waking up too early? Do they struggling to stay in their cots and having massive tantrums at sleep time? Are they refusing their day sleeps? Do you feel like you cannot handle it alone?


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Have you tried everything and don't know what to do anymore?


It is always ok to ask for help!


You do not need to struggle through the journey on your own.  I offer gentle sleep solutions in your home or via Zoom.   Together we will design a sleep program that puts the right sleep guidelines in place for your children.

I will then coach and support you every step of the way.


Find out more about Cheryl The Sleep Coach HERE.


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A good routine doesn’t only mean bedtime


It is important to have the whole day covered if you want to reduce stress and encourage your child to be calmer and happier.

Daytime naps and night sleep ARE connected and by having a good daily routine you will set yourself up for a better rest.


A good night time strategy not only teaches your child what to expect, it also helps us as adults coping better with the stress that comes with bedtime, having an overtired baby, or being exhausted yourself. Having that support in place helps you and your child.

If you need help coming up with a strategy that works for you and your family, feel free to contact me anytime.



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My technique is always with the children and the parent’s mental health benefits in mind. I do not practice CIO (cry it out) or in controlled crying.

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What can you expect if you work with me?


My passion is to help families to go to sleep calmly, happy and independently, to reduce stress and exhaustion. This usually starts with a phone call where you explain your concerns, followed by a consultation and a plan. You can then rely on my support every day we have reached our goal.


I can help with settling and sleep techniques, establishing a good routine, transition from cot to bed, potty training, safe co-sleeping, identifying signs of postpartum depression as well as adult sleep problems.


When I work with a family, I take my time to understand their specific needs, what do we need to do to fit in a healthy sleep routine for this particular family?


During our consultation I will answer all your questions, and once we start sleep coaching we will talk daily until you feel confident everything is under control. On top of techniques for gentle sleep training your babies, I will also help you to handle and synchronise your babies’ sleep and feeding, and you can rely on my commitment to help you to learn to trust your instincts, to differentiate between the different types of cries, and most importantly to relax and enjoy parenthood.


My training and experience are extensive and my passion is genuine. I believe we all have the right to recharge and to get good sleep.


Find out more about my specific Twins and Multiples services HERE.


Contact me today, and let me help you all get the sleep you need.


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