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Car Decals for Twins and more | ‘Twins on Board’ signs

Multiple Birth Parent: No
Australia Wide Postage Available


Welcome to Quantico Wall Art, the home of customised, high-quality vinyl decals.


Bring extra visibility and increase safety around your car with a ‘Twins on Board’ car decal.

All ‘Twins on Board’ car decals are $6.00 and have FREE shipping within Australia.

Baby on board signs are designed to increase driver awareness.  They are a visual reminder for other drivers to take care around your vehicle and pay close attention to road safety in order to keep your precious little babies safe.


Our materials are easy to apply, no mess and won’t cause your car window any damage, even if they've been stuck on them for years!


All our car decals are made from high-quality weatherproof vinyl, which is easy to apply.

Each car decal is made to order.

Twins on board car decal


See our full range of “Twins on Board” car decals HERE.


How to apply the car decal

STEP 1. Make sure the surface you are putting your decal on is clean and dry.

STEP 2. Put the decal face down on a flat surface and rub over the back a few times with your hand, SLOWLY remove the backing, make sure that all parts of the decal remain stuck to the front tape. If a small piece of your decal is still stuck on the back, just close the back on again, give the decal a bit of a rub and then try again.

STEP 3. These decals have a very strong adhesive, so if you’re not confident on getting it right the first go, spray a tiny amount of water on the back before sticking it down. This will reduce the stickiness during application so if you make an error you still have time to pull the decal back off and refix. This doesn’t alter the end strength of the adhesive so there is no need to worry about the decal peeling.

STEP 4. Lightly place one edge of the decal in the spot on your final surface where you wish for it to go. Using a credit card or similar, rub over the decal, eliminating any bubbles and making it smooth. Do this from the edge of the decal then around the rest of the sticker. If you applied water, you will need to wait until it is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

 STEP 5. Once you’re happy with the placement, SLOWLY peel back the application tape from the front.

 STEP 6. Voila, you have successfully placed your decal!


How to remove the decal

The special material that the car decal is made of is easy to remove.  Simply peel back one corner and slowly peel the decal off.


Quantico Wall Art doesn’t only sell car decals.  They have a huge range of wall art.  See their full range HERE


Quantico Wall Art




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