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Bub2Sleep are saving families sleep, one family at a time!


About Donna from Bub2Sleep

My name is Donna Moala from Bub2Sleep.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls.  As a certified Sleep Sense Consultant I am extremely passionate about saving families sleep.  And also about empowering Mums and Dads to regain their own sleep and take back control. I have worked with many multiple birth families, with great success.


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Sleep is such an important necessity for everyone to be able to lead happy, healthy lives.  


On reflection of my own journey into motherhood I realise that the most incredibly wonderful but as equally challenging time in a woman’s life, can be becoming a mother for the first time. Throw in sleepless nights and a unsettled baby and you can end up with a very unhappy, distressed and overtired family.

My mission is to help save families sleep, one family at a time as gently as possible !

I searched the world to find the best GENTLE sleep method and I was lucky to find Dana Obleman who was the creator and founder of The Sleep Sense Method. I loved the gentle solution used to get children to sleep, specifically tailored to each individual child and family.



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"I knew having twins was gonna be hard but I didn't know just how hard it would be with no nap times. Before meeting Donna I had no patience, was losing motivation to resettle and was anxious all the time. Then Donna walked into our lives and changed my mindset, even hubby says I seem more positive and in a better space. She has been so encouraging and supportive, listened to all my worries and answered all my questions. I don't know how we could have done this without you Donna, you are amazing! This woman is a miracle worker! Thank you for everything Donna, I am forever grateful to you for helping me teach my boys are art of sleep!



"Donna has helped my twins so much! She helped wean my twin daughter from the dummy and she now self-settles and she helped me get by booby obsessed twin son to self-settle too. They are both sleeping so much better now! From 3+ wake ups a night to 1 wake up and cat napping in the day they now sleep 1 - 3 good 2 hour naps. Thank you Donna! I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and took the plunge as it was so worth it x"


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Sleep packages with Bub2Sleep

Prenatal and Newborn: Perfect for mum’s to be and those with babies 0 – 12 weeks old.  Click HERE to find out more.

Infant and Toddlers: 3 months - 24 months.  Click HERE to find out more.

Toddler Packages: 2 years - 5 years.  Click HERE to find out more.

Overnight Packages: For those who would like extra support during the first night/nights, I will come to your home and be there to help you with anything that may arise.  Click HERE to find out more.


Free phone consultation

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