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Breathable Cot Mattress | Numu-Roo

Multiple Birth Parent: No
Australia, Australia Wide Postage Available

Breathable Cot Mattress


Numu-Roo is a revolutionary breathable cot mattress made of a single mesh layer.


Numu-Roo is a unique mattress designed for bassinets, cots and toddler beds. It is designed to help busy parents, such as multiple birth parents.

• Allows 100% air circulation
• Prevents CO2 build-up
• No nasty chemicals
• Prevents overheating
• Super easy to clean and fast to dry
• No house dust mites build up
• Friendlier for Asthma and Allergies
• Reduces risk factors


allergy free cot mattress for twins


A breathable mattress

A breathable mattress is one that allows better air flow so that the carbon dioxide that is exhaled by your breathing baby is dispersed quickly and oxygen is made more available. It also prevents overheating.


An allergy friendly cot mattress

The Numu-Roo prevents the accumulation of allergens and dust mites as it does not have any volume in which they can accumulate in.

The Numu-Roo is recommended as a Sensitive Choice product, approved by the National Asthma Council Australia.   See HERE for more information.


which cot mattress for twins


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All Numu-Roo mattresses come with free shipping (and they have after-pay too)!


Shop for Cot Mattresses HERE.

Shop for Bassinet mattresses HERE.

Shop for Cot Fitted Sheets HERE.


Remember though, Twinfo members will get a free cot sheet with each cot mattress purchased!

Breathable cot mattress cot sheet


Elevation Extensions for Numu Mattress

If you have congested or reflux babies, simply attach elevation legs to the head of the Numu-Roo mattress frame to create a slightly angled sleep surface (5 degrees).

Shop for Elevation Extensions HERE.

Cot mattress Elevation Extensions



Numu Breathable Blanket

Made of perforated and ventilated fabric enabling seepage of fluids – regurgitation and drooling and prevents sweating. Easily and efficiently washable.

Allows air passage even when the head is covered.

Shop for the Numu breathable blanket HERE.


breathable cot blanket


Numu Air Pillow

Made of perforated and ventilated fabric enabling seepage of fluids – regurgitation and drooling and prevents sweating.  Easily and efficiently washable.  Helps prevent ‘head flattening’ (flat head) when baby sleeps on its back.

Shop for the Numu air pillow HERE.

safe cot pillow



How to clean the Numu-Roo mattress

Simply wipe with a wet cloth or rinse in the shower.   The quick drying material will mean you can have the mattress back in place in time for the next nap.

For more information please see HERE.


The people behind the Numu-Roo

Numu-Roo, the sole distributer of Numu mattresses and accessories in Australia and New Zealand was founded by an Israeli couple living in Australia. The founders used and loved the Numu mattress with their two sons in Israel but could not find it in Australia for their newborn baby girl.  They therefore decided to bring this product to Australia and give other Australian parents the option to choose Numu for their children.


Frequently Asked Questions

See a full list of FAQ HERE.


cot mattress allergy sensitive


An approachable business

Numu-roo welcomes your email or messenger questions and clarifications – feel free to enquire on special sizes, special uses, personalized requests and anything else that can make your decision process easier and more efficient.





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