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Better Beginnings | Supporting families on their breastfeeding journey via Skype

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 Lactation support via Skype

Lynne-McKensey Hall Endorsed Midwife, IBCLC, MN(Ed), RN.


Multiples may seem daunting to breastfeed.  However with some planning before their birth, you will be well underway to be organized and ready for their homecoming.

Lynne is an IBCLC lactation consultant and endorsed midwife with over 15 years of experience.  She is also the author of Breastfeeding & Baby Matters (which is presently being updated).  Lynne has helped thousands of women successfully breastfeed and give breastmilk to their babies.

Her approach is to mentor women by encouraging them to nurture their instinct and feel confident about breastfeeding and caring for their babies. Her practice is founded on information from current evidence based sources.

My focus is centred on supporting you by offering options available for breastfeeding that will work within your family unit.

lactation support skype

Lactation support via Skype

Leaving the house with newborn multiples can be stressful.  Lynne has successfully assisted many families on their breastfeeding journey from the comfort of their own lounge room via Skype.

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Lactation support via Skype

Antenatal Preparation

Learn the fundamentals of breastfeeding and caring for your multiples before their birth.   Confidently understand the changes to your breasts and how your babies will respond to feeding and settling in the early days in hospital and at home.

Find our more about antenatal preparation HERE

Postnatal Support and Follow Up

Assistance with under or over supply: Lynne can guide you to help manage supply issues. Lynne can also provide prescriptions for medication if required.

Advice about Expressing: Like any area of parenting, you cannot be expected to instinctively understand the art of expressing particularly when you are expressing for two or three babies!  Lynne can talk you though the best times and durations for expressing to assist with either building your supply, expressing milk for others to feed the babies while you get some much needed rest or, even returning to work.

Lynn has an e-book on Expressing presently available on her website 

Antenatal C-section and Breastfeeding Preparation

Lynne can provide personalised sessions that can focus on anticipating a c-section, preparing for breastfeeding and other antenatal topics.

Find our more about  HERE

Rebates may be available: Antenatal services may be covered by your health fund or Medicare with a referral from your obstetrician or GP providing ‘shared care’ if Lynne sees you in person. Postnatal rebates are also available from Medicare if your babies are under six weeks of age and she sees you in person.  Health fund rebates may apply.


I want to give you the support and options (I didn’t have) you need to maximize your opportunities to breastfeed or provide breast milk to your baby the way you want and for however long you want.


Visit the Better Beginnings website for more information on how Lynne can assist your family.


Breastfeeding help by skype

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