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Baking a Baby explaining conception book
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In today’s modern world, babies are conceived through a variety of methods.

  • Conception
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Donor egg or Donor Sperm
  • Surrogacy
  • Adoption


Baking a Baby book


Research shows the earlier you begin telling a child the story of how they were conceived, the more straightforward and stress-free it is for you and your child.


"Baking a Baby" is a child-friendly resource designed to support your child's understanding of conception, assisted reproduction, donor use, surrogacy, and adoption.


Baking a Baby

This book is  the perfect introduction to the ingredients needed for making a baby – Eggs, Sperm and a Tummy for the baby to grow.


explaining IVF to twins


"Baking a Baby " is a fabulous tool to assist parents who want to introduce concepts such as donors, surrogates, assisted reproduction and adoption to their children through simple and immersive illustrations.


It reinforces the message that it doesn't matter who the ingredients come from or how the baby is baked; it's those who love and care for you that count.


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explaining twin conception



"Baking a Baby" normalises diversity, with characters of different sexuality, race and appearance.


This book is an excellent conversation starter and is intended to be read with children and their guardians.


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explaining donor conception to twins


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