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Baby Gym Bar

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Give your babies the headstart in life they deserve with a Baby Gym Bar.

The Baby Gym Bar is the only product on the market that covers all your babies milestones from tummy time to walking AND is big enough to cater for multiples!


The Baby Gym Bar is the world's first portable Early Learning Development Bar for infants! It includes a well padded sensory mat, a BPA free frame and a plush wrap around toy. AND its big enough for multiples.


twin playmats

Suitable from birth

The Baby Gym Bar was designed to make hitting milestones fun and exciting for your little ones.   It can be used from birth, with the soft sensory, well padded, mat the perfect place for your babies to relax.

It is wide enough to allow multiple babies to have the space to learn to roll.  The giraffe toy has squeaking and rattling birds that hang down to provide your little one with fun noises and will encourage them to roll over from tummy time sooner rather than later.

playmat for twins

Learning to stand

When your babies are ready to start standing, the Giraffe can be stretched and tied at each end.  The coils allow the perfect amount of space for little hands to firmly grip the bar, while allowing for soft padding while your little ones are learning to stand.


The Baby gym bar makes cruising safe for your babies

The Bar allows your babies to learn to cruise safely.  No more worrying about sharp corners on coffee tables or chairs that may tip over.


To find out more about the Bar, please click HERE.

Encouraging twins to stand

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Baby Gym Bar will help your babies receive the right foundation skills to achieve the milestones of rolling, sitting, crawling and walking while improving muscle strength, movement and independence.


Dimensions and inclusions

The Bar is 43cm high and 140cm long, making it perfect for multiples!  It has a steel frame with no sharp edges.

The Baby Gym Bar comes with large, well padded, sensory mat and a wraparound giraffe that has hanging squeaking and rattling birds.  It has washable cotton sides.


activity mat for twins or triplets

Baby Gym Bar Assembly

The Bar only takes a couple of minutes to assemble, with the sides of the frames clipping together with snap locks and the main bar using thumb screws.

The speed and ease of assembly makes the the Bar fully portable. It is perfect to take when you go to visit friends or family.

For full instructions, including a video, please click HERE.

Baby Gym Bars



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