Baby Bodysuit Extenders

Multiple Birth Parent: No
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Double the life of your babies bodysuits in a snap.

Baby bodysuit extenders will save you needing new outfits every couple of months!


bodysuits for triplets


We love extending the life of babies bodysuits.


It’s as simple as this. Snap it on your babies bodysuit and extend the length and life of the bodysuit. In fact, you can double the time you would use them normally.    Extend any size of your babies bodysuits from 0000 up to size 2.


Our snap & extends fit 95% of major Aussie brands.


Order our FREE sample snap buttons card to see which size you need.

snap and extend



Snap & Extend is handmade in Australia


Get more life out of your favourite outfits with our baby bodysuit extenders

Babies grow so fast.  Most babies grows out of clothes due to length before filling them. The snap & extend will mean you will get more wear out of those cute outfits.


My 11wk old baby can still wear his little coming home outfit even now at 6kgs.


Often when people buy gifts of clothing for your multiples, they will get the size wrong.  The snap and extend will ensure your multiples will be able to wear all those gorgeous outfits for much longer.


baby bodysuit extenders for MCNs


Are you using Modern Cloth Nappies for your multiples?


Cloth nappies are amazing.  Not only are they great for the environment, they also look cute as well.  However, they are bulky and often people need to buy bodysuits a size up from what they would normally wear.  The snap & extends help with the extra bulk, plus they will stop compression leaks.


Snap & Extend the life of your baby’s bodysuits.


Do you have really long skinny babies?


The snap and extend baby bodysuit extenders are perfect for long babies. The extra length that an extender gives means you can use a smaller size outfit that actually fits them around the body.

Being able to extend the suit, rather than go the next size up, looks so much better.   It means no more baggy middles, and no more pulling down at the shoulder and neck line.


baby bodysuit extender

Are any of your triplets or twins in a pavlik harness?


Baby bodysuit extenders are a perfect solution for babies in a Pavlik brace.  A harness usually means that babies can no longer fit into their normal clothes.  But with the snap and extend you will still be able to use all those beautiful outfits given to you.


Not sure which button size you need?

We don’t have all the brands listed, but that doesn’t mean our extenders won’t fit those brands.  Before you commit to purchase our extenders you can try our buttons for FREE and order exactly the sizes you need.

Order HERE.


A little bit about our buttons and the brands they fit


We offer 3 different snap button sizes.

10 mm buttons

The 10 mm button has a silver ring on the outside
It is compatible with: BigW*, K-mart, Seed, H&M, Best&Less*, Ollie’s Place, Sprout, Target*, Toots, Marks & Spencer*, Jamie Kay*.
*brands that use other sizes on different collections as well


Shop for all extenders HERE.


Baby Bodysuit Extenders for twins


9 mm buttons

9 mm button has a white ring and is compatible with:
Bonds, Target*, Marks & Spencer, Babies R Us, Cotton On, Country Road, BigW*, Best&Less*, Petit Bateau, Boody Baby.
*companies that use more then one button size on different collections’


Shop for all extenders HERE.


baby body suit extender

8 mm buttons

8 mm button has a white ring and is compatible with: Jamie Kay*

*NOT COMPATIBLE with the latest Jamie Kay collection Forever floral and Pointelle collection of bodysuits (our extenders with 10mm button are compatible with those).  NOT COMPATIBLE with the relaxed fit (no JK tag on the side)


Shop for all extenders HERE.


bodysuit for long skinny baby


Still not sure which Baby Bodysuit Extenders you need?

Order our FREE sample snap buttons to try them out.


snap and extend

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