Play ideas for triplets and twins under 6 months of age

tummy time for twins

Entertaining children at a young age can be difficult. Entertaining more than one of them at a time can be even more difficult.

Children under the age of 6 months need a lot of stimulation and as they can not do much for themselves it means that you need to be very hands on with them. Your babies may not be sitting up on their own yet, but may be able to sit up assisted in a small enclosed chair or surrounded by pillows. At this age, the activities that you will be doing with your babies will help grow many skills for them including their fine motor skills and communication skills.

We have put together a few of our favourite play ideas for triplets and twins under 6 months of age.

play ideas for 5 month old twins

Mirror time for triplets and twins under 6 months of age

There is something about a baby seeing another baby that is just mesmerizing. This can be a super fun activity. Setting your babies up in front of a mirror and letting them interact with the other 3 babies they can see (their sibling and the two reflections if twins, even more if you have triplets!) will create a mountain of fun. If you have identical twins or triplets this can get even more crazy and exciting. Definitely an activity to video and look back on.

Reaching high

Your babies are at an age where they are starting to use their hands and feet a lot more. They want to be able to grab out for things and play with them. A great game to play with your babies to help them develop these fine motor skills is by placing something above them for them to try and grab. Laying your babies down on their backs with a mobile or similar toy above them just out of reach. This means that they can look at the colours, attempt to grab the toys and giggle their whole way through it.

Name dropping

At this age, babies are starting to understand and recognise different words and how they relate to them. Not so much a game but still an activity to do with your babies is to start referring to them by their names a lot more. When you enter a room and see one of the babies refer to them by their name. Hide behind something and call out their name, this gives them the opportunity to look around and try to find you – the look on their face and the laughing when you jump out is always a lot of fun. This will help them with recognition and hearing their names a lot will help when it comes to them talking and saying it themselves.

Bicycle legs for triplets and twins under 6 months of age

Bicycle legs is a very fun and beneficial thing to do with your babies. The way to do it is by having your babies laying down on their backs, you then bend their legs at the knees slightly and move them in a circular motion – like they are riding a bike. This is not just a lot of fun and giggles for them, but it also helps to strengthen the leg muscles. Be warned though – this exercise can result in the passing of a lot of wind.

play ideas for twins under six months of age

Tummy time

Tummy Time is an activity that babies either love or hate. Having multiple babies together doing tummy time can make the activity a lot more fun. Tummy time helps to strengthen different muscles including the neck muscles and help to promote rolling. Lay both your babies on their tummies facing each other. This will help if one of them is not a fan of tummy time as they will see their sibling and want to interact with them. Placing a few different toys around them as well will make the exercise a lot more interesting and interactive for them.

There are a lot of activities that you can do with your young multiples and a lot of fun to be had by all. They are at a very important learning age and it is important to keep their minds going and bodies moving. Have fun with them as well, enjoy the moments and take lots of pictures. The play ideas for triplets and twins under 6 months of age don’t have to just be done inside. Most of these activities can also be done outside, so when you can take the fun out into the fresh air.

outdoor play ideas for twins under six months of age

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