Twins born on different days. Twins born four days apart have different star signs.

Can twins be born on different days

Author: Emma Tyler

Our rainbow story I guess started like many others, it was eight years ago, with a desperate desire to add to our little family. This road was proven to not be an easy one after trying to fall pregnant naturally for so long and so challenged us both in all aspects; physically, financially, emotionally & mentally.

Finally falling pregnant………………. with twins

From the highest of highs with hope, unwavering determination and fleeting moments of excitement to the lowest of lows with absolute devastation and heartbreaking losses. We endured many medical procedures, including thirteen rounds of IVF and additional treatments. We experienced multiple miscarriages, a biochemical pregnancy and a still born and nearly gave up on our dream.

Then finally in our last desperate attempt we were blessed with our rainbow twin boys….our hearts were exploding with excitement and love when the sonographer said ‘can you see what I see’….and our cautious reply ‘uhhh no’ but thinking please no bad news, please no bad news and the sonographer then saying ‘there’s two sacs in there, you are having twins’. Our response; flowing tears of happiness.

Never did we suspect that we would end up with twins born on different days.

19 weeks pregnant with twins

My pregnancy up until the 20 week scan was relatively uneventful even though I was still following through with some medical treatments to decrease the chances of miscarriage and was extremely vigilant about everything especially my health and wellbeing. We didn’t want to take any chances.

Cervical stitch with twins at 19 weeks pregnant

I was 19 weeks when I went in to have my 20 week scan and unfortunately didn’t get to leave the hospital. The scan indicated that I had an extremely shortened cervix and so I was transferred straight from ultrasound to surgery to have stitches put in (cervical cerclage).

All the risks of what could go wrong, including losing our precious bubs, was communicated to us and once again we were in a heightened state of stress, shock and worry but still with unwavering hope.

The procedure was deemed a success and I was then transferred to the hospital ward where I was to remain on bed rest with my feet in the air for as long as possible. It wasn’t long before I truly found out my inner level of determination and strength….this happened when I lost all toilet and shower privileges and was then not allowed to move from the inclined hospital bed. Let’s just say that with my feet in the air, gravity was not my friend, especially when it came to using bed pans!!

24 weeks pregnant with twins

I couldn’t actually believe that I had made it to the next scan at 24 weeks and unfortunately it wasn’t good news; the scan showed bulging membranes and that Twin A was pushing through and starting to tear out the stitches. Twin B was up top, breech and transverse. My OB discussed the predicament with us and provided all various options on what could happen, he advised that he needed to remove the stitches and this would probably then result in the delivery of Twin A.

Our OB wanted to deliver Twin A, but not Twin B

We discussed a game plan to try and deliver Twin A and hold on to Twin B if at all possible. In preparation I was given the steroid injection to help the twins lungs mature.

Transferred to the birthing suite the stitches were then removed…and then nothing,…nothing actually happened. I felt the buildup of anticipation and expectations start to dissipate…and I started to relax and then finally after an hour the contractions came full on.

The birthing suite was full of people – we not only had our OB & midwives but had NICU Team A and NICU Team B waiting in anticipation to work their magic on our bubbas should they need it. It was almost like I was center stage in this major production with an on looking audience.

Twins born on different days – Twin A was born at 24 weeks and six days

Following the clear instructions from our brilliant OB, Twin A was then delivered vaginally at 24 weeks and 6 days– a little boy who was just 739grams and whose star sign is a Virgo. He came out screaming, which we didn’t expect at all and he proceeded to wee all over our OB. I got to hold him briefly and he was then whisked away by the NICU Team A to look after him and do their thing.

In the meantime my OB stitched up Twin A’s placenta and pushed it back in. The contractions stopped and as per my OB’s prediction my cervix shut down. Twin B had remained up top, breech and transverse. I was given medication to ward off any further contractions and was started on hardcore antibiotics to avert any kind of infection. I had to remain on hospital bed rest with my feet in the air to keep Twin B cooking for as long as possible. This was extremely difficult as I was only able to see Twin A once, which is when they wheeled my entire hospital bed down to the NICU so I could see him.

twins born at 25 weeks

Twins born on different days – Twin B was born at 25 weeks and three days

It was four days later when both mine and Twin B’s heart rates started to increase. I just didn’t feel right with my temperature slowly rising and was starting to get cramping/contractions and feared an infection was coming on.

The OB had advised that he thought he would have to get Twin B out via classical cut (football stitch) C-section due to being breech and transverse. I had already mentally prepared for this and was just wanting the safest delivery option for our remaining twin.

The decision was made that we would have to deliver Twin B. The OB did a bedside ultrasound to check positioning and everything again and to all of our surprise Twin B had turned and was head down ready to go. The OB changed the game plan and I was to deliver Twin B naturally (to my initial shock horror).

I was transferred to the delivery suite and not long after Twin B was delivered vaginally at 25 weeks and 3 days – another beautiful little boy who was 911grams and whose star sign is a Libra. I got to give him a kiss and a quick cuddle before the NICU Team whisked him away to look after him.

twins born at 25 weeks

94 days later we were able to bring our twins home

Our boys spent a total of 97 days in NICU and Special Care Nursery and were finally able to come home on Christmas Day 2019. The BEST Christmas present EVER!!

We are so very grateful, thankful and forever indebted to our fertility specialists, OB, medical, NICU and SCN teams and also each other for our little miracle twins born on different days (born four days apart and different star signs), as without this village of supportive people, our gorgeous rainbows would not have shone.

twins born four days apart


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