Thank you gifts for NICU and SCN nurses

gifts for SCN nurses

Throughout the year, many twins and triplets will spend some time in the NICU. Some may only be in there for a few days, while others may need to stay weeks or months before they are ready to head home.

During their stay in the NICU they will be loved and supported by the beautiful nurses. These nurses dedicate their time and every ounce of their effort into helping your little babies become healthy. They help you as parents to prepare for the journey, they support you and they become like family.

When it is time to head home with your babies, you may want to show your appreciation to the nurses and thank them for everything they have done. If you are looking at giving them a gift, have a look at some of these thank you gifts for NICU and SCN nurses.

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Food baskets make great thank you gifts for NICU and SCN nurses

A great way to thank the nurses in the NICU is by sending in a food basket or snack platter. This gives them something to not only smile about, but get their energy up during the day. There are times when they get so busy, that they forget to eat. Having a little snacking plate or basket of food in their common area means that they can grab something as they please. Fruit baskets, cheese and biscuit platters and cakes are always well received. Personalised cookies that can be given to each nurse that has helped you is also a beautiful heartfelt gesture.

You could always order them a sandwich platter or pizzas so that they arrive on their shift and they all get a chance at a yummy meal throughout their time in the unit.


Flowers are a simple yet elegant way to say thank you for all their hard work. A big bunch of brightly coloured flowers sitting on their desk will help to brighten up their day and boost moral between the nurses. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the nurses as a whole and everything that they do. You could do smaller bunches or succulents if you are planning on giving them to individual nurses.

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Self-care hamper

If there are nurses in particular that you have bonded with and want to show them a little extra appreciation you could put together a little self-care hamper for them. Things such as lip balm, hand cream and chocolates are all great little additions to put in there. They will appreciate the time and effort that you have put into their little hamper of goodies.

Coffee vouchers make great thank you gifts for NICU and SCN nurses

Let’s face it, they are going to need coffee. As a thank you, you could purchase coffee vouchers that can be used at the coffee shop within the hospital. This means that they can start their shift with a fresh cup or go and get one during their break to help them to recharge. Of course make sure that it can be used for other drinks as well so that those who aren’t coffee drinkers can still benefit from it.

Gifts for NICU nurses

A heartfelt card

One of the most beautiful ways that you can thank the nurses for all their help is with a heartfelt, hand written card. Taking the time to sit down and write a thank you to them will show them just how appreciative you are of everything they did for you. It will probably bring tears to their eyes and be the most beautiful gift they have received. A picture of your twins or triplets in the card means that they will be able to forever remember your little cherubs.

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Thank you gifts for NICU and SCN nurses

Remember that these nurses have been on the journey with you as well. They have had to sit through difficult times with your babies and been there with you to celebrate the milestones. Your babies leaving and getting to go home will be a bittersweet moment for them.

Showing your appreciation for all their help and support doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. A gesture that may look little to you, will mean the world to them.

Celebrate and enjoy the moment your babies get to go home. And know that they have come this far all because of the help of the nurses in the NICU.

Thank you gifts for NICU and SCN nurse


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