Twin to twin transfusion syndrome – A Dad’s view

Author:  Aaron Smith

My introduction to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) was kind of subtle, at first.

Pregnant with MCDA twins

We had just found out Casey was pregnant and had our 12 week scan booked in, excited, nervous, ecstatic….. We had a young assistant conduct the ultrasound, not long on the job, and she was speechless when the image of our girls came into view. Looking back it’s easy to forgive her for her excitement as they were our first twins too, but it’s hard to forget that look that came across her face when she said, ‘Oh, they are MCDA twins’.

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Laser ablation surgery success story | Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome

TTTS laser ablation surgery success story

Author: Alisha Winslade

Finding out we were having identical twins was exciting yet overwhelming.

Not knowing much about twins google was my go to for all things twins until I read about a rare condition called Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome ( TTTS ). TTTS only occurs in identical twin pregnancies. It scared me but I never thought it would happen to me.

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Twins born at 28 weeks – My TTTS story

Twins born at 28weeks

Author: Anonymous Twin Mum


Identical twins were definitely not on our radar when I fell pregnant in October 2016.

My obstetrician, who I had with my daughter was very relaxed about the whole situation and sent me to find out the type. Who knew! Different types of twins!

At 9 weeks we found our babies were monochrionic di amniotic, layman’s terms. Shared a placenta. Different sacs. Middle of the range risk.

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TTTS and TAPS birth story – The birth of my twins

Twins TAPS

Author: Danielle Rollings

Note:  This TTTS and TAPS birth story contains the sad loss of a twin.

Finding out I was pregnant with our second set of twins

I found out I was pregnant in early November 2017.

We already had a 6yo boy and 2yo fraternal twin boys.  Each scan seemed to give us a new surprise. Firstly getting the news we would have another set of twins, this time identical. Secondly finding out that these twins would also be boys.

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