Expressing for twins and triplets. Tips for getting started.

expressing milk for twins

Lynne -McKensey Hall is an internationally certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Registered Midwife.  She has helped hundreds of families on their breastfeeding journey.  Lynne’s focus is centred on supporting mothers by offering options available for breastfeeding that will work within the family unit.

She shares with us her tips for getting started with expressing for twins or more.

You can learn more about Lynne and how she can support you on your breastfeeding journey HERE

I wish I had known about expressing breast milk for storage and the occasional bottle feed when I needed. The information in my e-booklet  ‘Expressing’ on my website is useful for mothers with premature babies, multiples and anyone wanting to provide expressed breast milk in preference to breastfeeding.

Here is some background to expressing to get you started.

Establishing your breast milk supply

It takes about three weeks for your breast milk supply to establish and for you and your babies to get into a feeding rhythm. For a singleton baby I think it’s worth waiting until a mother has established a feeding pattern before expressing but, I appreciate feeding multiples is very different.

Learning to express so your partner or helpers can bottle-feed one or all of your babies is a great idea! My bottom line is however and whenever you can give your baby’s breast milk is gold! Bathing, changing nappies, nursing or carrying a baby in a sling also provides wonderful bonding opportunities for your partner to help as well.

expressing twins

For some mothers expressing is a very effective way of stimulating and maintaining their milk supply if necessary and provides feeding options with multiples.

Pumps and teats when expressing for twins and more

A good double pump is worth its weight in gold. Spectra, Ardo and Medela in that order are ones mothers’ often tell me are very good. What is equally as important is the teats you use that more closely simulate how your babies would draw your nipples over the back of their tongues. Long slim teats rather than short fat inflexible ones should be avoided (so say the speech pathologists).

twins expressing

Expressing for twins and more

Expressing may take some practice to feel confident with the pump and the timing of your expressing.  I think expressing is a learnt skill and I believe you have to ‘love your pump’ and get into the zone to get the oxytocin and milk flowing but it’s a skill you can become very good at with a little practice and patience that provides further options and choices with providing breast milk to your baby. Congratulations for wanting to do so and good luck.

Lactation consultant twins

Lynne offers lactation consultations, including expressing advice, via phone and skype. You can find out more about Lynne’s services HERE


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Post Natal Depression: what to watch for in parents of twins and multiples (and tips to help!)

post natal depression with twins

Most new parents will feel overwhelmed at times, and it is incredibly natural to have a cry. With next to no sleep, peace or fun in sight I would be surprised if mums of newborn multiples don’t feel down or have a good bawl every now and then. But there are the ‘baby blues’ and then there is something much more concerning, and that is post natal depression with twins.

PND is concerning in any new mum, not just parents of twins and multiples. Any mum suffering from depression has it incredibly hard and needs help and support through this time.

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Pregnant with Triplets: What to Expect

pregnant with triplet babies

Congratulations! Finding out that you are pregnant with triplets can be both a surprise and a delight. From stronger pregnancy symptoms to eating advice and guidance on risks, there are a few things you should know about this kind of pregnancy experience.

There are few women in the world fully prepared for being pregnant with triplets. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were just under 60 sets of triplets born in 2017.

The proportion of confinements resulting in a multiple birth has remained fairly consistent for the past decade, ranging from 1.5 to 1.6% of total confinements. In 2017, there were 4,528 confinements resulting in a multiple birth and 60 of these were triplets or higher order births. There were 50 less multiple births in 2017 than in 2016.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Even if you knew having three babies was likely and even hoped for, you will probably still be surprised by exactly what a triplet pregnancy has in store for you.

Women everywhere, every day, are absolute mum-bosses at having triplets – we know that you have got this!! You might just need a little heads up on what to expect and time to get ready for one or two (or three!) of the extra treats that could be coming your way.

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Choosing godparents for twins or multiples

Choosing godparents for twins

Choosing godparents for twins or multiples is not as simple as you may think.

The role of the godparent can differ slightly from religion to religion.  The basic purpose though is that they are people selected by parents to witness the baptism of their children and to guide them along their religious pathway and assist with their spiritual formation.

This concept has been taken on board by those who like the idea, however would prefer not to have the religious aspect of the ceremony.  These ceremonies often go by the name of a “baby blessing” or a “glistening”.  It is a way to welcome your child/children into the family and to choose people you would like to take an interest in your child’s personal development and upbringing and serve as role models outside of their family.  For the sake of this article, the term “godparent” will be used, regardless if it is a religious or civil ceremony.

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Centrelink for twins and multiples explained

Centrelink and twins

Author:  Vanessa Cartledge

As a multi mum, I fully understand that Centrelink for twins and multiples can often seem complicated and overwhelming. So I thought I would share my knowledge to help other multi-parents navigate Centrelink’s system. As multi-parents, there are payments that we may be entitled too, but the Centrelink website can be confusing. If you know what you’re entitled to and how to apply, it makes everything easier and much less stressful. Please note that I do not work for Centrelink, and I am just sharing this information as a guide only.  Please check all information for yourself.

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Dads of Twins and Multiples – The Rise of the Stay at Home Dad

stay at home dads

This is not the title of a bad horror movie (Dads of Twins and Multiples – The Rise of the Stay at Home Dad! Oohh, scary!) but the start of a very welcome trend.

When there are twin newborns there is double the work of one baby, and when there are triplets or more the parents are seriously outnumbered. More Dads of twins and multiples are choosing to stay home from work for a period of paternity leave to get the family through that exhausting and crucial first year.

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Multi Mums who drink: is it a problem?

Mums who drink

All those Facebook memes about motherhood and parenting are very funny, mostly because they are completely true. But we’ve noticed a bit of a regular pattern when it comes to the familiar ‘mothers and wine’ memes; they are getting more and more common. Are all these memes just harmless fun, or should we be a bit more concerned about this increase in mums who drink?

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