Centrelink for twins and multiples explained

Centrelink and twins

Author:  Vanessa Cartledge

As a multi mum, I fully understand that Centrelink for twins and multiples can often seem complicated and overwhelming. So I thought I would share my knowledge to help other multi-parents navigate Centrelink’s system. As multi-parents, there are payments that we may be entitled too, but the Centrelink website can be confusing. If you know what you’re entitled to and how to apply, it makes everything easier and much less stressful. Please note that I do not work for Centrelink, and I am just sharing this information as a guide only.  Please check all the information for yourself.

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Dads of Twins and Multiples – The Rise of the Stay at Home Dad

stay at home dads

This is not the title of a bad horror movie (Dads of Twins and Multiples – The Rise of the Stay at Home Dad! Oohh, scary!) but the start of a very welcome trend.

When there are twin newborns there is double the work of one baby, and when there are triplets or more the parents are seriously outnumbered. More Dads of twins and multiples are choosing to stay home from work for a period of paternity leave to get the family through that exhausting and crucial first year.

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Multi Mums who drink: is it a problem?

Mums who drink

All those Facebook memes about motherhood and parenting are very funny, mostly because they are completely true. But we’ve noticed a bit of a regular pattern when it comes to the familiar ‘mothers and wine’ memes; they are getting more and more common. Are all these memes just harmless fun, or should we be a bit more concerned about this increase in mums who drink?

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Tips for parents to ensure their multiples and twins get enough sleep at daycare

twins get enough sleep at daycare

Author: Donna Moala

Will your multiples and twins get enough sleep at daycare????  One of the biggest stresses about putting your precious multiples into daycare is wondering if they will sleep or not! Donna Moala from Bub2Sleep, one of the amazing Twinfo sleep consultants, shares her top tips to ensure they do.


Looking for a daycare? Questions to ask to ensure your multiples and twins get enough sleep at daycare

As all multiple birth parents know, sleep is essential, not only for the babies growth and development, but for the parents sanity!! The last thing you need is your multiples coming home from daycare tired and exhausted because they have not slept.

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What you need to know to avoid burns in children. Tips for tired multiple birth parents.

burnt hand from heater

Author:  Dr Bronwyn Griffin

How tired parents can avoid burns in children

It’s 5:30 am, you have woken up for the 9th time to your babies.  You know that your day needs to kick start now.  Your older two children need to get ready for kindy and school. You push the “boil” button on the kettle to obtain the much needed first caffeine infused drink of the day.  You change the babies nappies, make drink, seat yourself on cosy corner of couch and set up for the feed. Whilst taking your first sip of that glorious caffeinated solution your 8 month old twin suddenly lunges for your coffee whilst breastfeeding. Your coffee goes all over you and worse still, all over the baby. Chaos commences!

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Stress-free toilet training for twins

toilet training twin girls

Author: Shannon Fitzgerald

I’ll be the first to admit, toilet training twins does not excite me, not one bit.

The only thing I like about toilet training is that I won’t have to pay for nappies anymore. As far as the how and the why go, I didn’t really do any research about toilet training.

I just knew it had to be a stress-free toilet training process. Although to be honest, I was hoping daycare would sort it out for me.

Toilet training does seem to be a high traffic topic on the mummy blogs. You’ll find constant questions like how do I train my 18 months to go to the toilet, how to toilet train boys, the guide to toilet training in a day, the secrets to the 3-day toilet training program etc.

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How to survive Christmas with twins or multiples

Christmas with triplets

Guest post for Families Magazine

Author:  Twinfo


It’s Christmas.  Again.  I am not sure why I am so surprised, seeming as it happens on the same day every year.  It just seems to come around faster every year!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.  Not many of our family live in the same city as us, so we usually travel to them.  I don’t mind, as it means that we can just sit and relax, and not try to do the endless jobs around the house that the extended time of work would usually lend itself to.  Plus there are often relatives who are happy to entertain your multiples, giving you an opportunity for a break for an hour or two.

Children make Christmas so much more fun.  And having twins, triplets, quads or more makes Christmas multiply more fun!  Christmas is a great time to relax and spend some time with your multiples.

Twinfo have put together some tips to help you survive the festive season with your multiples.

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The ABC’s of raising multiples!

A – Advice. Once pregnant, you become a target of every woman who has given birth. Remember that all these bits of information come with good intentions. You may be surprised at what you’ll learn.

B – Babies.  Once you have more than one at a time, everyone wants to see them.  Try not to get irritated with them.  Instead, be proud and enjoy it, as once they start getting older people don’t notice it as much.

C – Crying.  Get used to it!!!  In stereo!!!!

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Biting, and how to minimise it

twins who bite

Author: Twinfo

Biting is a stage that all toddlers seem to go through.  Biting is certainly not just a problem if you have multiples, all toddlers seem to do it at some stage.  It just seems doubly (or triply!) bad when you have several toddlers of the same age who bite each other.  I don’t know if it was just me, but I was always relieved that my twins tended to only bite each other, rather than other children.  Infact, as far as I know, my twins only ever bit another child three times between them (unfortunately it was the same child each time!).  However, they did bite each other occasionally.

Children generally bite for a reason and before they have the language skills to express what they are trying to convey.  They may be trying to express their frustration at something, someone maybe in their personal space, they may not want to share a particular toy, or it may simply be because they are tired, overwhelmed or are teething.  The best way to understand why your toddler has bitten someone is to evaluate what prior to the bite occurring.  If you can identify this, then you can hopefully prevent it from happening again.

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