Laser ablation surgery success story | Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome

TTTS laser ablation surgery success story

Author: Alisha Winslade

Finding out we were having identical twins was exciting yet overwhelming.

Not knowing much about twins google was my go to for all things twins until I read about a rare condition called Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome ( TTTS ). TTTS only occurs in identical twin pregnancies. It scared me but I never thought it would happen to me.

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Twins born at 32 weeks. Fraternal/Identical DCDA twin girls.

Twins born at 32 weeks Fraternal-Identical DCDA twin

Author: Tracy White


19th May 2015, the day we found out we were not only expecting 1 baby but twins!!!

6 weeks pregnant with twins

We found out quite early as I suspected I was pregnant due to having similar tell tale signs as my first and I was starting to show already. We booked in for our scan after having confirmation from the blood test. This will be an ultrasound I’ll never forget!

The sonographer scanned my tummy with full force (not cool when u have a super full bladder and are hanging for a wee!). When she hit the right spot she turned the screen around to show hubby, I and our eldest daughter (just turned 7). My daughters face lit up but then she turned it back to her and kept moving over my belly, I looked at hubby with a worried look on my face and asked the sonographer if everything was ok? She paused and turned the screen back around to us with the response “and there is the second heart beat”!!!!! SAY WHAT NOW!

I was pretty emotional after finding out it was twins, knowing the financial position we were in and out lay of now having to buy 2 of everything.

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Twins born at 32 weeks 2 days due to placental abruption

placental abruption twins

Author: Sarah Haxby

After the birth of our son my husband was reluctant to have the second child that we always planned on. It was a long process ending up in an emergency c-section and my husband was afraid that would happen again. Although not an overly traumatic tale, I think he was a little traumatised by the whole thing.

Skip to a year later, we had a lovely date day and he agreed to try for our second child. We decided to wait until the middle of the year so there would be about a 2 year age gap.

6 weeks pregnant with twins

Amazingly I fell pregnant the first month we tried. Went to the doctor for my routine checks and my hcg levels jumped a lot quickly. I joked to my husband that it was a sign of twins. For the next two weeks until my first scan we both kept talking about twins and having dreams about twins. So when my early scan arrived at 6 weeks it was no surprise to us that there were two.

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Identical Twins born at 34+2. Our story.

identical twins born at 34 weeks and two days

Author: Jessica Belfield

Finding out I was pregnant with twins

I found out I was pregnant quite early (day before my period was due actually). Had some bleeding at 5 weeks.  When I had an ultrasound, they weren’t able to tell us anything at that point.  I had to have another scan at 7 weeks. From 7 weeks I had the most awful morning sickness or more like whenever I ate food sickness or moved or did anything really. Everything was going great.

At 12 weeks, had my next scan, we were chatting away with the guy doing my ultrasound and then his face changed, he’s like hold on a minute. I looked at my husband thinking the worst. He then turned to us and said “Its TWINS”. I laughed, saying you are joking right?? He was like “No, its twins turning his screen to us and pointing them out to us” My husband sat there in shock…I continued to laugh. We found out we were having MCDA twins. Identical twins. Wow. He also explained that could also be why my morning sickness was really bad.

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Choosing godparents for twins or multiples

Choosing godparents for twins

Choosing godparents for twins or multiples is not as simple as you may think.

The role of the godparent can differ slightly from religion to religion.  The basic purpose though is that they are people selected by parents to witness the baptism of their children and to guide them along their religious pathway and assist with their spiritual formation.

This concept has been taken on board by those who like the idea, however would prefer not to have the religious aspect of the ceremony.  These ceremonies often go by the name of a “baby blessing” or a “glistening”.  It is a way to welcome your child/children into the family and to choose people you would like to take an interest in your child’s personal development and upbringing and serve as role models outside of their family.  For the sake of this article, the term “godparent” will be used, regardless if it is a religious or civil ceremony.

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TTTS and TAPS birth story – The birth of my twins

Twins TAPS

Author: Danielle Rollings

Note:  This TTTS and TAPS birth story contains the sad loss of a twin.

Finding out I was pregnant with our second set of twins

I found out I was pregnant in early November 2017.

We already had a 6yo boy and 2yo fraternal twin boys.  Each scan seemed to give us a new surprise. Firstly getting the news we would have another set of twins, this time identical. Secondly finding out that these twins would also be boys.

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Twins born at 32 weeks – Transferred from Mt Isa to Townsville at 29 weeks

32 weekers

Author: Jodie-Lee Wagner

Finding out I was pregnant

On the 21st of November 2016, I decided to take the “risky” test. I hadn’t felt great for a couple of days. Feeling extra tired which I have only felt once before in my life… I was pregnant then. I couldn’t feel my period coming which was due to start the next day. My positive very quickly showed. Only weeks beforehand we booked our wedding venue and date. Two months prior we had only celebrated out eldest child’s first birthday; it all seemed a bit sudden.

I was scared to tell my now husband. A pregnancy was not what we had planned yet. I booked my doctor’s appointment and got my bloods done while he was at work. The doctor had told me that the test was accurate and I was pregnant. When Josh finally arrived home my eldest child and I told him. At first it was shock then we just laughed.

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Gestational Diabetes with Twins – Controlled by Diet

Gestational Diabetes with Twins

Author:  Amy Roman

As we stare at our 11 month old twin gals, we say to each other “Twins?” or “Our twins?” as we still cannot believe that we have been blessed with such amazing little people.

The past 1.5yrs seems like a massive dream. However this dream has been a journey from having gestational diabetes, having twins at 34.5 weeks, being admitted to hospital at 30.5 weeks and spending 4 weeks there and gals spending the first 4 weeks of their life in special care!

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Twinterview with 32 year old identical twins – Kimberly and Jemma

twin relationship

Adult twins Kimberly and Jemma are 32 years old.   Twinfo recently interviewed them about their twin relationship.

Jemma lives on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia while Kimberly is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

Are you identical twins or fraternal twins?

J – Identical

K -Identical

What do you like best about being a twin?

J – She is my other half, someone I know who will always love me and be there for me no matter what.

K -That you always have someone to support you – a permanent best friend!

What is the worst thing about being a twin?

J – The comparisons! No one would ever talk about normal siblings being the ‘nicer’ one or the ‘smarter’ one! It is just plain rude, particularly when this is said directly to you both and it is very possible that we can both be equal in our ‘niceness’ or ‘smartness’ or whatever it is we are being called at the time!

K -The fear that anything bad would ever happen to her.

What differences do you have to your twin?

J – I am more anti-social I think! I like to have a small but close group of friends, while Kimberly is a social butterfly and makes friends wherever she goes! Kimberly is more of a gypsy- she has lived multiple lifestyles in our 32 years whereas I have lived one haha!! I admire her bravery in tackling new things and I love that she always has my back, even when I’m being a pain in the ass!

K -We lead very different lives at the moment, she has a family and a mortgage, and I am single and living overseas. She is lovely and kind and worries a lot more than I do. I am quite blunt and take more risks.

Identical twin relationship


What are other people’s reactions when they first meet you and find out you are a twin?

J – Always pleasantly surprised and want to know more about Kimberly and our relationship. We are fiercely protective of each other.

K -They are surprised and excited! They always want to see a picture of her. Some people think it’s weird.

How often do you contact each other?

J – It has been a little bit harder as Kimberly is in Canada but we very rarely go more than a few days without talking… I have 3 small boys too which means I can’t always pick up the phone when I want to! It can range from multiple times a day to every few days…

K -At least once or twice a week now (it was nearly every day but the 17 hour time difference is hard).

How often do you see each other?

J – At the moment not much! I wish Canada was closer! But when Kimbo is in Australia perhaps at least once a month or so (we lived 2 hours from each other and I have had three babies over the past 5 years so it was harder to schedule).

K -Now it’s once every year, when I was living in Australia it was roughly once a month (we lived 2.5 hours apart).

identical twins

Do you have other siblings?

J – Yes, we have an older brother. I love him so much but as Kimberly and I have shared so much of our lives in each other’s pockets, having the same friends and also being the same gender and doing the same things, I think we are closer – we shared a womb!!

K -Yes, an older brother (2 years)

What career path have you taken?

J – I work in the tourism industry and digital marketing, while Kimberly has worked in the media – and is currently working in the finance industry. Even though they sound quite different there are definitely parts which overlap – we were both working in government roles – however Kimberly is much more driven, successful and organised than I am!

K – I am an Executive Assistant at a financial management firm currently, but my career is in the media / broadcast industry.







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