Why I kept my twins in the same class at school

twins same classes at school

Author: Twinfo

As published in Essential Baby – link here

When it comes to multiples starting school, the main question every parent has to consider is “should they be in the same class, or should they be separated”.   This obviously is only a point of consideration if your school has more than one class per year, and it is also worth checking your schools policy, as some schools may have a policy regarding multiple birth families.

As parents of girl/boy twins who started school this year, this was something that we discussed a lot.  In the end, we decided to keep them together for the first year, and then we will reply on teacher’s advice, the kid’s personal input and out thoughts to make the decision for next year.

These are the reasons that we decided to keep our twins together for the first year of school.

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Things to consider when having your twins in separate classes

separating twins at school

Author: Beth Pettrey

About our twins

Our girl/boy twins, Claire and Owen, have always had a disruptive relationship towards each other.  Prior to school we had not had an opportunity to trial splitting them up as neither our daycare nor our Kindy (or preschool in other states) had separate rooms to suit their age bracket.  At Kindy they managed their behaviour towards each other by making sure they never sat next to each other during group time (i.e. normally opposite sides of the circle) as they would distract each other. When it came to school we had already decided to spilt them into separate classes, however, this was reinforced when Owen told us directly that he didn’t want to be in the same class as Claire.  Considering this was literally the only comment he ever made about going to school we thought it was important to validate his comment!

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Fraternal girls twins – born at 31+6

twin cuddles

Author – Kirsty Smith


The nursery was all set up, it had been for five years, a cot that that I had found at the markets and painted white matched the change table and drawers. The linen was in neutral pastel colours.

Month after month and still no pregnancy, it was time for medical intervention. We tried artificial insemination several times with no luck, then on our very first IVF attempt it worked!!!! We could not believe our luck! At seven weeks we went for a scan, I was so nervous, I expected them to say it was a mistake and that we would be back to the drawing board.

Then the sonographer very casually said “Okay, there is a heartbeat, and there is another one.” What the? Two? Surely not! My head was spinning, my husband was beaming! TWINS!!!

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Fraternal girl/boy twins – born at 29+6

Twin cuddles

Author:  Kristie Miller

The day we found out I was having twins, I wasn’t really that surprised. After my two Singleton pregnancy so close together (15 months) I thought I got this. It seemed breezy until I hit 18 weeks and had my first small unexplained bleed. I had never had a bleed before during pregnancy so the panic really set in.

The scans seemed normal then at 22 weeks a passed a large clot in the toilet followed by bleeding, I was hospitalised for a week on bed rest as I was still not considered a viable stage in my pregnancy. I was discharged and told to take it easy as the bleeding was still unexplained, and this is where it started to get Tricky. Twin B wasn’t putting on weight over the next few weeks and was diagnosed with IUGR, his cord Doppler’s where low and soon his sister Twin A was almost a kilo heavier. I was on twice weekly ultrasounds and was allocated a twin specialist to scan me to keep a close eye. Our aim was 32 weeks for delivery.

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Fraternal boy/girl twins – born at 32+4

born 32 weeks twins

Author: Chris Scott

Our story started many years ago when Cathy warned me that for some reason since she was a little girl and dreaming of having kids when an adult, that she would always have twins.  Guess what, we have twins, a boy and a girl.  So, I was forewarned, but not prepared.

That being said at our 6 week scan where we knew we were pregnant and the doctor performs an internal scan; I was standing behind the doctor and could see the screen of the ultrasound machine, he said that’s one embryo, oh and there’s a second one.  I could see the two embryos on the left-hand side of the screen, he announced that he was going to have a look around and all of a sudden there were two embryos on the right-hand side of the screen.  Four.  Cathy will tell you I went white, but I can’t confirm that.  The doctor picked up on our (my) fright and said no there are only two, and that he had turned the probe to a different angle.  As if two embryos was an everyday thing.

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Four Continents Equals Two Babies

pregnant with twins egypt

Author: Beth Pettrey

My husband (Matt) and I have fraternal girl/boy twins, Claire and Owen.

I had a very interesting pregnancy. Claire and Owen were conceived in Spain while on R&R from our jobs on a Gold Mine in Egypt after a very expensive dinner (one that we can no longer afford!). We confirmed I was pregnant by Matt bring home a pregnancy kit from a work trip to the UK because we were living in a small remote town in Egypt at the time. We headed back to Australia on our next R&R break to catch up with our GP. Because we knew the dates we didn’t do a scan at this stage and also the GP said it wasn’t likely to be twins because I had really mild morning sickness. While I felt sick a lot I was only physically sick 4 times and twice of these was after eating slightly under ripe bananas (didn’t do this again after the second event).

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Types of twins and your chances of having multiples

kinds of twins

Finding out you are expecting twins can be a bit of a shock to the system. You go into the appointment hoping to hear a heartbeat and you come out hearing two! One of your first questions may be about the different types of twins.

After you get over the initial shock, you might find that having twins has a lot of upsides. If you were hoping for a family consisting of two children, then you will only have to go through the birthing process once. The other upside is your children will always a have friend and companion to play with and share their life with. Someone who gets them and will always be at the same life stage.

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Questions for adult fraternal twins! Find out their answers.

questions for adult fraternal twins

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to live your life as a twin? Everyone is fascinated with twins, both identical and fraternal twins.  There are always so many questions for adult fraternal twins

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the proportion of confinements resulting in a multiple birth has remained fairly consistent for the past decade, ranging from 1.5 to 1.6% of total confinements. In 2017, there were 4,528 confinements resulting in a multiple birth and 60 of these were triplets or higher order births. There were 50 less multiple births in 2017 than in 2016.

Recently we interviewed Jacqui, a fraternal twin with her sister Clare, living on the East Coast of Australia, to find out what it is really like to live as a twin. Here are the questions for adult fraternal twins that we asked.

Interview questions for adult fraternal twins
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