Twins born at 32 weeks. Fraternal/Identical DCDA twin girls.

Twins born at 32 weeks Fraternal-Identical DCDA twin

Author: Tracy White


19th May 2015, the day we found out we were not only expecting 1 baby but twins!!!

6 weeks pregnant with twins

We found out quite early as I suspected I was pregnant due to having similar tell tale signs as my first and I was starting to show already. We booked in for our scan after having confirmation from the blood test. This will be an ultrasound I’ll never forget!

The sonographer scanned my tummy with full force (not cool when u have a super full bladder and are hanging for a wee!). When she hit the right spot she turned the screen around to show hubby, I and our eldest daughter (just turned 7). My daughters face lit up but then she turned it back to her and kept moving over my belly, I looked at hubby with a worried look on my face and asked the sonographer if everything was ok? She paused and turned the screen back around to us with the response “and there is the second heart beat”!!!!! SAY WHAT NOW!

I was pretty emotional after finding out it was twins, knowing the financial position we were in and out lay of now having to buy 2 of everything.

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Surprised by a cleft lip and palate in one twin at birth

cleft lip twins

Author: Gillian Smith


We are a blended family. I have had three boys and my partner has had three girls from previous relationships, they range in age from 21 down to 6.

In February 2017 I went on a holiday to Queensland with my boys, I spent a lot of time feeling unwell, I felt as though I had pulled lower abdominal muscles and thought wow it’s been a long time since I went swimming, I felt nauseous because of the heat.

When we returned I still didn’t feel the best, I had at the end of 2016 had a mirena IUD removed and began taking the contraceptive pill, I was convinced it didn’t agree with me, after another month of feeling off I returned to the GP, I had what I thought was a mass in my stomach, fearing the worst I told my GP the pill doesn’t agree with me and I’m not sure that I don’t have something in my stomach.  She did a couple of investigations and instead of the news I expected (a return of cancer from years ago) she told me I was pregnant.  Not just with one but two babies and not just pregnant either, near on 14 weeks.

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Natural and C-section birth story with Twins

natural and c-section birth story

Author: Caitlin Ryan

Even though I was pregnant with twins (DCDA) I guess I just thought in my head I would have an uncomplicated natural delivery. Just like my first baby, but I would just push two babies out this time. That was the delivery option we had been discussing all along in my OB appointments. It didn’t exactly go like that though. The 3 of us ended up in 3 different parts of the hospital post birth………………

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Choosing godparents for twins or multiples

Choosing godparents for twins

Choosing godparents for twins or multiples is not as simple as you may think.

The role of the godparent can differ slightly from religion to religion.  The basic purpose though is that they are people selected by parents to witness the baptism of their children and to guide them along their religious pathway and assist with their spiritual formation.

This concept has been taken on board by those who like the idea, however would prefer not to have the religious aspect of the ceremony.  These ceremonies often go by the name of a “baby blessing” or a “glistening”.  It is a way to welcome your child/children into the family and to choose people you would like to take an interest in your child’s personal development and upbringing and serve as role models outside of their family.  For the sake of this article, the term “godparent” will be used, regardless if it is a religious or civil ceremony.

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Gestational Diabetes with Twins – Controlled by Diet

Gestational Diabetes with Twins

Author:  Amy Roman

As we stare at our 11 month old twin gals, we say to each other “Twins?” or “Our twins?” as we still cannot believe that we have been blessed with such amazing little people.

The past 1.5yrs seems like a massive dream. However this dream has been a journey from having gestational diabetes, having twins at 34.5 weeks, being admitted to hospital at 30.5 weeks and spending 4 weeks there and gals spending the first 4 weeks of their life in special care!

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Twin relationship – Seven year old twins

seven year old twins

Our girl/boy twins are our only children, and they have always had a close twin relationship.  Sure they fight and annoy each other occasionally (and we had the odd biting incidents which you can read about HERE), but it’s never serious, or lasts long.  I’ve got friends whose twins fight ALL THE TIME, so I am grateful that ours enjoy being together. And let’s be honest, it’s not like they have much choice!!

They are now 7 years old, and are in year one at school.    And we have got to the point where it is starting to drive me a bit batty!

In the last week alone we have had the following twin relationship “incidents”.

  1. Girl twin took a ball to school (to play handball with). Another girl in the class took the ball off her.  Boy twin steps in and takes ball back of the other girl.  And then throws it at her face “because she took the ball off my sister”.
  2. In the car on the way home from school (same day as the above ball ‘incident’) and the kids asked for a tic tac each. I said that as boy twin had not done the right thing at school by throwing a ball at his classmates face that he couldn’t have a tic tac and that  the girl twin could have both.  Cue tears from boy twin. I gave the girl twin two tic tacs. The following day after school they asked for another tic tac, and then pipe up with the story about how yesterday the girl twin had given BOTH her tic tacs to the boy twin.  Even though he was the one who was in trouble and not allowed to have any.  She forfeited both hers to make him happy.
  3. I go walking at night with another mum from their class, and she tells me “how cute it was” when girl twin asked boy twin if he wanted her to sign in for him so he could go to the toilet before the bell went. Signing in at their school means writing their name and doing some counting etc.
  4. Girl twin loses first tooth right on bedtime (this is a momentous occasion as neither had lost a tooth yet, and most of their younger class mates have lost several). Girl twin is crying as it is bleeding, boy twin risks the wrath of both parents who just want them to get into bed by jumping back out of bed to take one of his favourite soft toys to her to cuddle.  5 minutes later boy twin starts crying as he hasn’t lost a tooth yet.  So girl twin offers for him to sleep with her tooth.
  5. I threatened the boy twin that I was going to vacuum up his Lego if he didn’t pick it up. Girl twin starts crying saying “No Mummy, don’t do that I will pick it up for him”.

Twin relationship

Other twin relationship “incidents” include:

  • When one twin refused to eat their dinner and was sent to bed. We find out the next day that the other twin had raided the biscuit tin and fruit bowl and snuck food down to the one in trouble without us knowing.
  • Boy twin bit another kid at Kindy last year as he bit his twin sister.
  • At their school sometimes the group in the class (they are in the same school, but different groups) gets a prize. Boy twin chose something that he though girl twin would like and gave it to her.  Teacher though it was “sweet”; so let boy twin choose another prize for himself.  This totally defeats the purpose as now girl twin has a prize and no one else in her group does.  And the prize was awarded for good work!
  • If one of them has to go to the doctor/dentist/hairdresser and the other doesn’t, and the one going gets a lollypop or sticker they always ask for one for their twin. Girl twin had a blood test once and promptly gave the soft toy she was given to the boy twin as “he likes teddy bears”.
  • You can’t take one out for some one on one time and buy them a special juice or something without them insisting we take one back for their twin.
  • If you give them a biscuit/end of a carrot when cooking/drink of your drink they always take it over to their twin first before coming back for more. Often there isn’t anymore, as it was the last one or something so then I need to find something different for the twin that I originally gave it to.
  • They will give up their favourite soft toy for the night to the other twin if the other twin is sad or sick.

7 year old twins


One of their current games is a song and dance that they have made up.  It involves girl twin chasing boy twin around the house to catch him.  She then cuddles him and does an awkward looking “wedding shuffle” with him singing “I love you, I love you, I’m going to marry you, I’m going to marry you, I’m going to marry you because I love you, I love you”.  Boy twin screams and tries to get away.  But then goes on to ask girl twin to “can we play that again”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased that their twin relationship is so close.  But sometimes it makes setting boundaries and accepting consequences very hard.  Also I fear that our boy twin is starting to just “assume” that his sister will do things for him.

I’m sure others multiples have a similar twin relationship where they do similar things.  Tell us in the comments what things your multiples do for each other.  Things which make you smile and cringe at the same time.




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Twins starting school – a recap of our first year

Twins starting school

Author: Twinfo

About our twins

Our twins were born six weeks early, right in the middle of June. In QLD, the cut off for the school year is 30 June. We immediately made the decision that they were NOT going to school ‘the year they were meant to’. If they did they literally would have been the youngest in their year. I’m so pleased that we made this decision right from the start as it removed a lot of the angst later on. I saw so many of my friends struggle with this decision, but for us it was an easy decision. Of course there were some moments when I questioned if we were doing the right thing, but we stayed firm and stuck to our original decision. We have now completed our first year at school, and I am grateful for our decision.


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Why I kept my twins in the same class at school

girl boy twins start school

Author: Twinfo

As published in Essential Baby – link here

When it comes to multiples starting school, the main question every parent has to consider is “should they be in the same class, or should they be separated”.   This obviously is only a point of consideration if your school has more than one class per year, and it is also worth checking your schools policy, as some schools may have a policy regarding multiple birth families.

As parents of girl/boy twins who started school this year, this was something that we discussed a lot.  In the end, we decided to keep them together for the first year, and then we will reply on teacher’s advice, the kid’s personal input and out thoughts to make the decision for next year.

These are the reasons that we decided to keep our twins together for the first year of school.

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Things to consider when having your twins in separate classes

Claire and Owen school photo

Author: Beth Pettrey

About our twins

Our girl/boy twins, Claire and Owen, have always had a disruptive relationship towards each other.  Prior to school we had not had an opportunity to trial splitting them up as neither our daycare nor our Kindy (or preschool in other states) had separate rooms to suit their age bracket.  At Kindy they managed their behaviour towards each other by making sure they never sat next to each other during group time (i.e. normally opposite sides of the circle) as they would distract each other. When it came to school we had already decided to spilt them into separate classes, however, this was reinforced when Owen told us directly that he didn’t want to be in the same class as Claire.  Considering this was literally the only comment he ever made about going to school we thought it was important to validate his comment!

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