Move YOU back up the Priority List- Top 5 Tips for successful eating habits to get YOU back

Author: Ashleigh Buxton – Pure Wellness by Peach

(Ashleigh is a qualified Nutritionist AND a mother who understands the juggle).

Do you remember it? Or perhaps you are feeling it right now?

That post birth haze and early days at home with a newborn! It is still so vivid in my mind, even though it was 16months ago now!  Where has time gone?

The overwhelming feelings of love, pain, pride, emotional ups and down, ohh the sleep deprivation and the constant thinking about the next feed! I know you get it, I mean at times I just felt like a cow! And as one hard phase came and went, another had begun.

stress eating

It’s safe to say I lost a small part of me (it’s ok it eventually came back). But ultimately, becoming a Mum, moved me to the bottom of my priority list….leading to me not eating enough food and not prioritizing my time as I had been so used to prior! Does this ring true to you?

Knowing better, unfortunately…. didn’t make me immune to this common struggle all parents go through!

BUT I knew something had to change, and I believe it can change for you too! It is possible to look after YOU even after children! You just have to be willing to commit to change if it is important enough to you!

The Power of Food

As a Nutritionist, it is my passion to help you understand the importance of food in fuelling our bodies. It is imperative that we are both EATING ENOUGH and EATING NUTRITIOUS FOODS.  Food should not be feared!! And we don’t want to instill fear around food for our children either.

Being a Mum now, furthers my WHY! 

We as a society, have to begin changing the habits and behaviors of ourselves in order to positively influence our children, to prevent them from struggling with the same preventable health conditions as adults that we as a society are currently faced with today! And this starts with prioritizing our need for successful eating habits!

successful eating habits for busy twin mums

Food has the power to improve

  • Energy levels,
  • Our digestion and digestive concerns such as bloating, constipation, loose stools, pain, heartburn,
  • Our skin,
  • The quality of our sleep,
  • Our moods,
  • Our weight and
  • An even our breastmilk supply!

So often, it is so easily overlooked and pushed aside, BUT in most cases, we should be looking at it first!

Food=Fuel-The same way that petrol is for a car.

Ashleigh Buxton

On top of normal daily energy expenditures, let’s face it, as parents we have an even higher energy demand….Chasing our little monkeys, feeding our babies, the cleaning, the exercise and quite simply just NEVER sitting down to rest! Ultimately this energy requirement needs to be met by the foods that we eat! And let’s face it, we are better, calmer parents when we feel energetic, healthy and in control!

So, as a busy parent of multiples, how do you create successful eating habits?

Because it all sounds great in theory right?!

Here are my top 5 tips for successful eating habits to get your energy and your weight goals on track -with food!

1. EAT MORE FOOD if you are trying to lose weight or have a low milk supply! Well in most cases, eat more food regardless!

Huhh? (Insert shock horror) Yep you heard me right! Well within reason of course…No that does not mean you can eat a block of chocolate daily and indulge in takeaway all the time haha,  BUT when it comes to healthy foods, the majority of people are not eating enough to fuel their metabolism….simply put, their engine is not running fast enough to burn of the body fat we don’t need!

2. 3 P’s- Prioritize, Plan and Prep

YOU, are just as important on the priority list as your children, your partner, your work, your house, your friends etc you get my point! Do you believe this?

Plan ahead-time is limited when our entire day revolves around our little ones right? So make a plan, do your shopping for a week at a time! I mean really, who wants to go to the supermarket 3 times a week with the cheeky little monkeys? Oh and on that note Online Shopping is your friend! Make use of it! You know why haha

Meal Prep- The same way you allocate everything else into your schedule, allocate time to this. 2-3 hours one day every 1-2 weeks may save your sanity of having to cook every single day when you have mentally clocked out of mum life at 5pm haha

3. Have quick go to snacks on hand ALL THE TIME.

This will prevent you from going without or grabbing for the 3rd coffee today or that chocolate bar tempting you.

Check out my choc hazelnut protein balls HERE.

quick healthy snacks

4. Focus on Real Whole Foods in their most natural state and minimize highly processed foods

Think does it look the same way it grew? Focus on Colorful, don’t be beige!

5. Aim to eat every 3 hours!

Yes just like a baby  (although can you imagine the uproar if we cried and carried on the same way when we were hungry, oh my goodness haha)

Focus on eating lean proteins, healthy fats (yes they are not evil I promise) and nutrient dense colorful carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholegrains at each and EVERY meal and snack time

Okay, help please!!

If this resonates with you and you want to lose weight, improve energy levels, increase milk supply, improve digestion, moods and overall health, don’t let the time restrictions that parenthood challenges us with be your reason to wait! Successful eating habits will help get YOU back.

Remember ‘If we want change to happen, we have to be willing to make change first’.

Contact me to today to have a free no obligation 30 Minute chat to find out how you can begin your journey back to YOU. I can help with successful eating habits. I promise, if anything I am a friendly ear and someone who can relate. What have you got to lose?

Contact Ashleigh from Pure Wellness By Peach today!

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