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Vendor e-interview with Liliana from ZZleep My Baby.

As she is also fluent in Spanish, Liliana not only has a large following here in Australia, but also in South and North America, and Europe. As she is also fluent in Spanish, Liliana not only has a large following here in Australia, but also in South and North America, and Europe.

Tell us about yourself and how/why you became a sleep consultant.

I was born in México City and moved to Brisbane in 2003 after graduating from University. In 2012 I became a mother for the first time and I found myself extremely sleep deprived. I returned to work but as nothing had improved with my daughter sleep, I decided to seek professional help.

My life changed instantly. I slept again and felt happy. Loving the results and how good I felt again, I decided to master the art of children’s sleep and be ready for my next baby. I then thought why not help other families and mothers who are experiencing the same struggle I did. Now I’m a few years into my Sleep Consultancy and it has been one of the most rewarding jobs I could have.

When I hear people across the globe recommending me and contacting me, makes me feel so happy that I can help the world not be sleep deprived!

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Is there anything parents can do to lay the groundwork before you’re ready to tackle sleep?

Yes, the best things parents can do is to have a set time to implement changes. Have a plan and have a clear idea of what results you are looking for.

Remember, it is important to communicate with your baby by speaking and explaining what is about to happen.

Why is it important to help a baby learn to sleep through the night?

Because sleep is a vital and essential requirement for the human body to function, especially for little ones that are experiencing a huge development physically and biologically.

Basically sleeping and feeding are the main roles for a baby!

What is the process of working with a sleep consultant for twins and more? How does it work? What can people expect?  

Firstly we do a sleep assessment to have a clear idea of the current scenario.

It is important that the family is ready to implement a sleep plan. Once the family is ready, I generate a routine, a plan to aid the child to sleep and I also offer coaching through the plan implementation.

Families can expect to see positive results within the 3 first nights of the plan implementation. Generally speaking, within two weeks of starting the plan most of the children are sleeping through the night. (Note: this will depend on the parent commitment and the perseverance of the plan implementation).

What is a good age for parents to start their multiples on a schedule?

Age 0 and from Day One, if possible, start recording your multiples feeding and sleep times, as this will help base their routine and schedule in the following weeks.

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Can you help those with toddler multiples, for example assisting with transitioning to a ‘big bed’? 

Yes, I can help children up to 8 years of age.

(Speaking of cots, Liliana recently did a video for Twinfo, which you can find HERE, on transitioning from a cot to a bed.)

Could you explain why some babies/toddlers are great sleepers and never have any issues and why some have a lot of trouble sleeping?

Yes, and easy answer is that we are all different! But this is not the answer you want to hear!!! So the reason some sleep well and some not is due to the introduction of good sleep habits from an early age. It is also a lot to do with the parental style.

What are some steps that parents can take to prevent creating bad sleeping habits for their multiples?

Create a routine.

Set, and enforce, an early bedtime.

Observe and record your multiples sleep and feeding patterns.

Understand that sleep is necessary and important for you and your children.

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Liliana is a qualified Sleep Consultant, Lactation Consultant AND Infant Massage Instructor. You can find out more about Liliana HERE


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