Three Wishes


The story of triplet sisters, their entangled adult lives and how being the same can be so different.

Three Wishes is set in modern day Australia. It alternates between the perspectives of the Kettle triplets – Cat, Lyn, and Gemma – and various strangers who have observed the behaviour of their family at different times in their lives.

The book goes into the lives of each sister, their career choices and relationships. The book explores in a light-hearted manner just how much their life decisions were impacted by the relationship with their siblings.

As a multiple birth parent, the book contains lots of funny insights about growing up as a triplet.

“Do you fight a lot? Do triplets fight more than normal?” “The Kettle triplets do but I don’t think we’re normal. Mum used to take us to a club for triplets when we were little and some of them adored one another. We were so disgusted, we threw rocks at them. Little savages…We got expelled from the triplet club for a whole month.”