The Twins


This is a story of the different paths that twins can take as a result of a parent’s decision. They were inseparable until an innocent mistake tore them apart.

It is 1972 and identical twins Viola and Isolte move with their hippy mother Rose from a commune in Wales to a cabin in the woods in rural Suffolk. With Rose fancying an alternative lifestyle and encouraging her girls to be wild and untamed, the twins enjoy a lot of freedom, roaming the local woods on their bikes. It is in the woods that they meet twin brothers John and Michael, forming a close friendship with both boys.

2 sets of twins with their completely different backgrounds. The girls reveal the double-sided togetherness and separateness of being twins. The novel continues this theme further in the relationship between John and Michael, the male counterparts of Isolte and Viola.



“We weren’t always twins.  We used to be just one person.

The story of our conception was the ordinary kind they tell you about in biology lessons.  You know how it goes: an athletic sperm hits the egg target and new life forms.

So there we were, a single ho-hum baby in the making.  Then comes the extraordinary part, because that one egg split, tearing in half, and we became two babies.  Two halves of a whole.  Hats why its weird but true – we were one person first, even if only for a millisecond.

Mummy always said that having twins was the last thing she’d expected, except she knew there had to be a good reason why she couldn’t fit though doors at four months, let alone do her jeans up”.