Owed to a Mum

poems by twin mums

Author: Abbey Free

As I lay in bed,  I find my mind race 
I’m exhausted by life being so fast pace
But when it slows down, even for a day 
I find myself not even wanting it that way 

Being a mum, comes wherever you go…
Even at night when times running slow 
You want to switch off, you want to have a break 
But you’re minds always going, how much more can I take

But then when you wake up and your kids smile at you
You know there’s nothing in the world you’d rather do 
Times goes by so incredibly fast
& you start to realise this time doesn’t last 

In the blink of an eye your baby is gone 
And then the next stage, well it doesn’t last long 
You want to soak it all in, and enjoy every day 
But there’s lots said in society that get in your way
twin mum poems
The questions in your head as you raise your child
Are they happy enough? Are they a little too wild?
Am I feeding them right? Or is that food not good?
I feel like I’m not doing it quite as I should 

Why can’t society just let us be the mums that we are
Why does everything have to be taken too far?
“Oh you let them self settle, how could you let them cry?”
“Oh you co sleep with them, you know they could die?”

“Send them to daycare, I’m sure they’ll learn a lot”
“How could you be apart? I’m glad that I’m not”
“Go back to work, it’ll be so good for you” 
“ Sending them to school is not what a good mum would do”

“Keep your babies close it’s a bad world out there”
“You need to look after yourself but having a break is not fair”
“Your kids need you around, they need all you’ve got”
“But filling your bucket is something you cannot” 
owed to a mum twin poem
“These days will be over in the blink of an eye” 
“Enjoy every moment just trying to survive” 
And we wonder why the mums that have young kids today
Are finding it hard with the constant replay 

Am I doing enough, am I doing it right? 
Those questions you think about all day and all night 
When in reality our babies, they really chose us, 
We are the ones that they love and the ones they trust 

So why is it so hard being a mum? 
Well the job on its own is as hard as it comes,
So why add to the pressure and why say too much 
To someone who already is doing it tough…

Because at the end of the day if you give your kids all the love 
And keep on trying to go beyond and above…
How could you be doing it so damn wrong???
Or have we been listening to too much “advice” for too long?
being a twin mum
The choices we make, we chose them with care
Telling mums they’re not right, well that’s just not fair 
I’m raising my kids and one thing I am sure, 
Life is so much harder than it ever was before 

But I love it I do I really wholeheartedly do 
I’d die for my kids, every single one of you 
You bring me so much joy, so much pride and love 
“You’re upset baby? Well give mummy a hug 

I’ll make it all better, I’ll hold you so tight…”
Surely I’m doing this mother thing right…
How lucky are my children, that they have a mum 
I mean really, they’re as lucky as it comes…

They have a family, a home and one that is fun 
We dance, we sing, we walk, we run…
They’re healthy, they’re happy and have confidence too 
So you know what, I think I’m doing alright, don’t you?
mum of twins poem
In fact I’m not even just “trying my best”
I’m not just getting them up and dressed…
I’m doing all I can to be the best mum I can be
And it shows in all my kids beautiful personalities 

They’re brave, they’re adventurous and a little crazy too
Well look at that, I must be good at what I do??
So when you question the mum and woman you are?
Remember to not let those thoughts go too far

How amazing is it that your kids chose you 
So be confident and proud of all that you do 
Motherhood is hard, you lose a part of the person you are
But to all of your kids, you’re this new shining star 

You bright up their day and they bright up yours
They love you for all of your strengths and all of your flaws
You’re not perfect you never will be you see..
But you really are perfectly imperfect as can be…
owed to a mums twin poem


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