Multiple birth pregnancies – how a birthing specialist can help, regardless of the method of delivery

Multiple birth pregnancies

Wonder Birthing – e-interview with Amelia Parkinson


1. Tell us about yourself and why you started Wonder Birth.

I am a mum to beautiful 6 year old boy and giving birth to him changed my life forever. I had an incredibly empowering birth with my son and decided that many women didn’t realise that birth could be like this so, I retrained and started teaching in London and when I moved back to Sydney 2 year ago I set up my own business.  I am really looking forward to being able to help with more multiple birth pregnancies.

Multiple birth pregnancies

2. What sort of training have you completed to get to where you are today?

I have a Bachelor of Health Science in Rehabilitation Counselling and have trained to be a Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor in 2014 in the UK. I’m currently training this year to be a doula.

3. What do you love most about empowering pregnant mothers to find their own way to birth?

I love teaching and being with pregnant women and couples.  It’s such an exciting time in people’s life and I always feel so privileged to be a part of it.

The education program I teach ensures that couples can learn skills and discover their own voice within their birth and birth planning. By building people’s confidence in the birthing process and their bodies builds empowered parents. The philosophy of the program is key and it’s that it actually doesn’t matter what type of birth that the woman has- its how the woman feels about her birth that makes it a positive experience. So many other courses on offer focus on essentially you have to have a “natural birth”- if women don’t achieve that they feel like they failed, and no new mum needs to enter the start of their Motherhood journey feeling like they have failed on the first hurdle.

4. How can you help families who are expecting multiple birth pregnancies? What is the process? What can people expect?

I love helping families with multiple birth pregnancies, in my classes couples learn a whole set of skills and tools to stay calm and relaxed throughout birth. The best thing about my 10 hour course is that all the skills you learn are useful for whatever type of birth you plan or end up having. The skills are adaptable and the education builds resilience for couples to be prepared for birth and any changes to their birth that may happen along the way. I’m now training to be a doula now too so am loving to be supporting during births too.

5. How can Wonder Birth still support the family if things happen suddenly?

The skills and tools and MP3s that you listen to in class and then practice at home, help couples to stay calm and relaxed even if their birth throws a curve ball. Being able to make decisions at these times and stay in control can ensure people will have a positive birthing experience.

6. A lot of medical practitioners appear to ‘prefer’ to promote caesareans for multiple birth pregnancies. Can you help the parents decide if this is best for them, without undermining the doctors medical opinions. (Obviously the health of the babies and the mother is paramount).

I don’t give medical advice, but couples that do my course feel empowered to ask questions and confident in their own decision making. Much education about birth of multiples and single babies can be focussed around a place of fear. This can make it difficult for pregnant couples to make decisions. Often risks can be exaggerated although c sections are sometimes needed. Every pregnancy is different and it’s getting medical professionals to look at each case individually. If you feel that your medical team is not listening to you or supporting you the way you want to be supported- YOU can change your care provider.

The BRAINS Acronym is always a fabulous thing to have in your head when you are attending appointments or being offered interventions etc. I tell my clients to write it done on the back of a business card and carry it in for appointments – to help remind them.

B. Benefits- What are the benefits of what you are offering
R. Risks- What are the risks involved if I don’t do what is being suggested.
A. Alternative- Is there an alternative to be offered?
I. Instincts- What are YOUR instincts telling you?
N. Nothing- What if I did nothing for 15 mins/ 1 hour? What would actually happen?
S. Smile- You are on the same side as the medical teams- everyone wants a happy healthy baby!

Multiple birth pregnancies

7. If a caesarean is deemed to be the safest option, how can you support a multiple birth family with their birthing preparation?

I teach a confident C- section program for people if they know a planned c- section is their birth plan. These skills of relaxation, calmness and focus are the same skills taught in the other program. You are still able to have a beautiful calm relaxed positive birthing experience having a c-section. There are still many choices you can make to ensure You birth YOUR way!

8. If a natural birth has been medically approved, how can you support a multiple birth family with their birthing preparation?

I teach a Twin birthing program and adapt it to suit each couple, to suit their birthing needs, including for multiple birth pregnancies. All my courses and classes focus on building confidence and skills in relaxation and empowerment. These great tools that you learn are for life, and can be utilised long after your wonderful birthing experience. It’s YOUR birth and I support you to birth YOUR WAY!!


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