Indoor activities for toddler twins and triplets

indoor activities for twins and triplets

Indoor activities for toddler twins and triplets

Whether it is because the weather is getting colder, its been raining a lot or you simply just want to stay home and indoors – you are bound to need ideas on how to entertain your toddlers.

There is no need to rush out and buy the latest gadgets and devices, sometimes simple is best! Let them loose in the “plastics draw”, rotate your existing toys so you can bring out “new” ones each fortnight (this helps keep the house tidier as well!) or even just blow bubbles inside the house rather than the back garden.

Toddlerhood is an exciting time for your twins or triplets. They may be beginning to take those first few unassisted steps, they are probably getting a little bit stubborn and independent with different tasks and they are getting bored VERY quickly. They want stimulation and lots of it.

We have put together a quick list of SIMPLE indoor activities for toddler twins and triplets to keep them happy and entertained.

Finger Paint

This one is a little messy but can still be done inside with an old sheet down on the ground, or with your babies sitting in their highchairs.

Finger painting is a lot of fun. It gives your babies a chance to experiment with the different feel and colours. Find yourself a few good non toxic paints (because face it, they will end up with some in their mouths), an old sheet and some paper. I recommend doing the painting in just their nappies so that there is not clothing covered in paint as well.

Finger Paint for twins

Musical Instruments

You might hate me for suggesting this one, but it is a really good activity for your little ones. Plus it is very beneficial for their development.

Giving them a couple of different musical instruments to play with will not only create a lot of fun (and noise) but it will also help them with different skills. They will learn how to hold the different instruments, what movements make the noise happen and work on their hand eye coordination.

Having a few different instruments means that your toddlers can play together and make different noises and swap between them.

Indoor activities for toddler twins: Musical Instruments for twins
Perfect prams for twins

Obstacle Course

Whether your little ones are crawling or beginning to walk, this is a great indoor activity to create.

Using different pieces of furniture, large boxes and sheets to create different obstacles. There can be ones to climb over, crawl under and squeeze through. This will make for hours of fun and help them to build strength in their arms and legs. Plus the look on their faces when they pop out from one of the obstacles is priceless.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are a great educational activity, as well as great indoor activities for toddler twins and triplets.

They will learn how to stack blocks on top of each other in a way where they will not fall over. Create houses and buildings out of the blocks and use their imagination.

This activity will help with hand eye coordination a great deal. Having different coloured blocks is also a good idea as you can then use it as an activity to start learning the different colours. And the best part is one they have built a tower they can then knock it down – that is the most fun!

Indoor activities for toddler twins: Building Blocks for triplets


Books can be enjoyed at any age and reading to and with your children should start early on.

Choose a few good picture books and sit down with your little ones. Point to each different object in the book and say what it is out loud. This will help them to learn the new words and progress their speaking. Also saying things like “where is the X” and getting them to point to it is a lot of fun.

Indoor activities for toddler twins: Reading with twins

Bath Play

This one is a winner for everyone – except the person that has to dry the bathroom up afterwards.

Bath play is always a lot of fun. Throw some bubbles and toys in the bath with them and let them enjoy the warm water and activities. Once they have had enough time playing its time to wash and get out. It is a win win – clean, happy, worn out children at the end of it. Maybe even try this activity after the finger painting!

Indoor activities for toddler twins or triplets do not have to be hard or stressful. There is plenty that you can do with them at home to keep them happy and amused. Simply blowing bubbles or a simple game of peak a boo works every time as well!

entertaining twins indoors

What is your favourite indoor activity with your toddler twins or triplets?


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