Identical Twins born at 34+2. Our story.

identical twins born at 34 weeks and two days

Author: Jessica Belfield

Finding out I was pregnant with twins

I found out I was pregnant quite early (day before my period was due actually). Had some bleeding at 5 weeks.  When I had an ultrasound, they weren’t able to tell us anything at that point.  I had to have another scan at 7 weeks. From 7 weeks I had the most awful morning sickness or more like whenever I ate food sickness or moved or did anything really. Everything was going great.

At 12 weeks, had my next scan, we were chatting away with the guy doing my ultrasound and then his face changed, he’s like hold on a minute. I looked at my husband thinking the worst. He then turned to us and said “Its TWINS”. I laughed, saying you are joking right?? He was like “No, its twins turning his screen to us and pointing them out to us” My husband sat there in shock…I continued to laugh. We found out we were having MCDA twins. Identical twins. Wow. He also explained that could also be why my morning sickness was really bad.

Pregnant with Identical twins 19 weeks

Living in a small town (Albany WA, so roughly 4-5 hours from Perth) our resources on twins was very lacking. I had an appointment at the hospital to see a specialist from Perth at 19 weeks, he had asked if I had anymore scans from 12 weeks, I was like no I wasn’t aware I needed them, apparently I was supposed to have 1 at 16 weeks & then fortnightly from 20 weeks. He got me in for an ultrasound that day, so I waited around the hospital for my husband to arrive, we had the scan & found out it was girls. OH I knew it was girls, my husband was a little disappointed but was happy none the less.

Pregnant with Identical twins 24 weeks

I had fortnightly scans from then on and everything was going well. At 24 weeks I had the dreaded Glucose Test. Yuck!!!! 2 days later I found out I had Gestational Diabetes. Not uncommon with multiple pregnancies, I went and saw the diabetes educator and was given my own little blood sugar level machine. Giving a book to log all my levels 4 times a day. Lovely.

Pregnant with Identical twins 28 weeks

Everything was going great at this point. My morning sickness had pretty much gone away unless I brushed my teeth too early in the morning (no idea why).  I had to stop working though as I wasn’t able to keep up with my work of standing on my feet for 8+ hours a day. I had my scan at 27 weeks and was told everything was all good. At 28 weeks I had a call from my doctor saying the specialist up in Perth needs me in Perth ASAP. I freaked out, thinking something bad was going on, the scan had picked up uneven blood flow between the umbilical cords. My husband & I rushed up to Perth that day and arrived at King Edward Memorial Hospital @ 6.30pm. I was admitted and taken up to a room to be monitored for the night & to have an ultrasound the next morning. I couldn’t sleep much that night, but slept & then went downstairs for my ultrasound. Had my ultrasound and went back to my room and waited for the doctor to come around. Everything was fine with the girls blood flow but they now wanted me to come to Perth fortnightly to get my scans as they wanted me to birth at King Eddie’s. We had known this was a possibility if the girls had decided to come early. Our local hospital couldn’t have babies born less than 37 weeks as they have no paediatrician.

Pregnant with Identical twins 34 weeks

The next couple of scans went by with no issues. Everything was good. We were told we needed to come to Perth from 34 weeks as they could come any time after that. No problem. My husband & I packed our bags & drove up for our next appointment for 34 weeks. I had my scan and we were waiting to see the doctor. We get in there and the first thing she says is that they need to come TODAY. My mind started racing, why?? What’s happened?? Have I done something wrong?? She said twin A had stopped putting on weight and they needed to come but for 35 weeks I was doing really well. I was like no I’m not 35 weeks I’m 34 weeks. Someone had put my dates in wrong saying I was further along than I was.

Once we sorted that out, she was like “Ok, they don’t need to come today but they need to come this week) I was booked in for my c section on the Thursday at 34+2 weeks. We had only been in Perth a day & we thought we would have a few more weeks before they were coming.

We had a few days before they were coming so we relaxed and told my mum & step dad, my mother in law & sister in law. We also told my dad & step mother. However, we decided not to tell anyone else until they were here. Thursday came by so quickly, we went up to the hospital at 6am for myself to be admitted at 7am, we went in and I was prepped. We were then called in so I could have the epidural and then taken to theatre.

Identical Twins born at 34+2

At 10.45am Lily Jane was born, she was so tiny but perfect and was doing quite well. At 10.46am Scarlett Rose was born. Scarlett came out purple and then they were both whisked off to the NICU. My husband followed. I was in theatre for what seemed like forever. I was told I had lost nearly 2 litres of blood and was going to be taken to special care after I was in recovery. While I was in recovery I got a clot that they had to push out.  To do this they had to push on my incision to push it out. I’m pretty sure I screamed but I was really out of it at that point I wasn’t sure what was going on.

I was moved to special care and while waiting for my epidural to wear off, my mum, step dad & husband came up to show me photos of the girls. They were beautiful. Lily was in an incubator & Scarlett was on CPAP. I couldn’t wait to hold them.

Finally at 5pm I was able to go down to the NICU in a wheelchair to see the girls. They were in separate parts of the NICU so I went to see Scarlett first. She had a tube down her throat to get to the fluid out of her stomach. She looked small & chubby (2.37kg) at the same time. I went to see Lily but I couldn’t hold for long as she was so tiny (1.92kg). Soon Scarlett came off CPAP & had the tube out of her throat. They both had tubes in their noses to help with their feeds.

identical twins born at 34 weeks

Our hospital stay with Identical Twins born at 34+2

My milk still hadn’t come in yet, so they were on formula. The next two days went by in a blur as I was so emotional. At one stage they had called to my Special Care Unit to ask if I wanted to go down to feed Scarlett. I was so excited and got into a wheelchair and went down. However the nurse looking after her was already feeding her when we got there. She didn’t even offer to let me feed her and I left in tears.

I was discharged Sunday afternoon to Agnes Walsh House (accommodation for women who live regional and waiting to go home with their babies). I spent 2 days in there by myself as my husband wasn’t allowed to stay with me. We were then offered a room at The Ronald McDonald House. We accepted this, as it meant we were closer to the hospital together and I had my husband with me as it killed me to be away from him.

Day 5, and Lily was placed under the lights as she was jaundice. The girls were then moved to the High Dependency Unit. They were going well, with Lily still in an incubator. After a week she was moved out into her own open bed, which was great. We were able to give both girls their first baths. On the Tuesday we were moved to another nursery, and then after being there for 3 hours we were moved again to another nursery. All was well. We went home for the night and came back to the next morning and we were told we were being prepared to go home in the next day or two.

The girls were discharged at 36+3 just over 2 weeks after they were born.

They are now nearly 11 months old and doing fantastic.

identical twins born at 34 plus 2




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