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Bubs 2 Bratz Nursery Hire – Vendor e-interview with Amanda Nass

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to start Bub2Bratz Nursery Hire & Child Restraint Fitters

As you know I am Amanda the Owner / Fitter at Bubs2bratz Nursery Hire in Townsville, a beautiful part of North Queensland. I am a mother of 3 (Heavenly Daughter and 2 cheeky little boys 10 & 9).

After 20 years in the corporate/tourism industry, motherhood and travelling was my life. Bubs2bratz Nursery Hire was created due to lack of options available in Townsville/NQ for visiting friends and relatives. My little business started in the rumpus room with a few items to hire out. Now we have a showroom/fitting bay with a lot of modern hire options available.

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What is the best part of your job at Bubs 2 Bratz Nursery Hire? 

Apart from the safety side of children in child restraint fitted correctly in vehicles, it’s the journey you go through with our customers. From early pregnancy, breast feeding to birth to toddler stage and then repeat again! Who wouldn’t like seeing cute babies every day!

What is the most popular item you hire at Bubs 2 Bratz Nursery Hire?

Capsule hire would be the cost-effective hire item in stock and the most popular. We offer a range of modern capsule suitable for all travel system prams on the market. Our hire includes complimentary fitting by accredited ,  and passionate fitter in our under covered fitting bay.

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What does pram and car seat detailing actually entail? As a mother of twins myself, this was one thing I struggled to find time to do was clean the car seats and the pram!

Car seat & pram cleaning fits perfectly with our hire business. Our hire stock is kept cleaned and santized between hires. Our customers were asking us to clean their car seats and prams because of how great our hire stock looked. We understand how busy life can get with children, so this service is flexible and affordable. We follow all manufactures instructions using child friendly cleaning products.

Choosing car seats for multiples is such a big decision. What hints and tips do you have for our new frazzled parents to be?

Choosing a child restraint can be overwhelming at the best of times. Things you need to consider are simple 

  1. Budget – car seats can vary in price due to fabric type, safety elements added, isofix non isofix and brands. But all child restraints must compile with Australian Standards
  2. Vehicle Type – not all car seats will fit in a small vehicle for example, just like not all prams are suitable to your lifestyle.  Do your research, all brands offer a variety of restraints alternatives and price range.
  3. Installation – it’s important to learn how to use and install your child restraint. 80% of parents and carers incorrectly install or use their child restraints. If you are a new parent, it is recommended to have your car seats/capsules installed between 36-38 weeks if not earlier as little ones, come whenever they like. 

Struggling to fit three car seats across the back of some cars can be difficult. Have you found many cars where it just isn’t possible to fit three across? Have you ever had to tell a family they are just going to have to get a bigger car????

This would be my number one question most weeks to be honest. I am having number 3 or 4 and we need to fit 3 across the back seat. Most vehicles can fit 3 across. It’s all about the combination of child restraints (brand, size, suitability) and if the vehicle is fitted with 3 anchor points.

Just because it’s a 7-seater, does not mean it has 7 anchor points. Or if it’s a dual cab Ute does not mean it’s got 3 anchor points. When buying a vehicle for the future of having children this is your number one point to consider. And hot tip – don’t just ask the car salesman how many anchors points it has as they normally don’t have a clue!

Check out the reviews or the manual.

Do you have a favourite brand of car seats? Why is this?

I hire and sell a variety of car seats because what is my favourite may not suit or be affordable for different customers.

My children have always been in Britax range of child restraints , this was because of several reasons, I was a Britax child myself, marketing of their seats was popular when I was having children, but you cannot question the safety of Britax range of seats they have been around of 45+ years.

But in saying that other brands offer great seats as well Infa Secure, Maxi Cosi everyone has a different view of what is the better range.

Bubs 2 Bratz Nursery Hire Townsville

You can find out more about Amanda, and Bub2Bratz Nursery Hire & Child Restraint Fitters HERE.


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