Advantages of having twins or triplets

Twin advantages

Deciding to have a baby is a beautiful and amazing decision. It is one that comes with lots of ups and downs and will be remembered as your biggest achievement in life. Sometimes the joy of finding out you are pregnant is doubled (or tripled). 

Finding out you are expecting twins or triplets can bring with it lots of different emotions. It can take some time to process and to get excited about. It can be daunting at first, but there are many advantages of having twins or triplets. 

Advantages of having twins or triplets

Lots of people (including strangers!) will only focus on the negatives of having multiples.  For example, you will never sleep again, you wont be able to breast feed, you will have to have a c-section, better you than me etc.  We have come up with some advantages of having twins and triplets.  

Please note:  Some of these are a light hearted look at multiple birth pregnancy and birth, and are no way intended to offend.

Advantages of having twins

Less pregnancies

If you are wanting to grow your family but dread the idea of pregnancy, finding out you are pregnant with twins or triplets can be somewhat of a relief. 

You are able to grow your family without having to go through too many pregnancies. 

Everything happens in multiple

The idea of your babies crying and waking in unison may not sound like an advantage to having multiples, however all the good moments of your babies growing up also happen in unison. 

They laugh, play, learn and grow together. You are able to witness the magic of your little ones reaching their milestones together. You get to double or triple the celebrations. 

Bonus of having twins

They have a best friend (or two!)

When you have multiples, the bond that you will notice between them is like nothing you will have seen before. They have already spent months together in the womb and now entering the world, they have their best friend by their side. 

Many people who have children close in age say that they are close and have become best friends. 

This is even more true for multiples. They have another little person with them at all times. They learn all their new skills and developments along side their sibling and are able to celebrate them together. 

As they grow up, their personalities will change, they will be interested in different things and even have different friend groups – but they will always have their best friend by their side as their biggest supporter. 

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Advantages of having twins or triplets: Cuddles for everyone

Everyone loves cuddles with newborns and sometimes it can feel like you’re on a schedule to hold your own baby – even when you are at home. Ever looked at your significant other when they have the baby and just think “But I want cuddles”.

When you have twins or triplets it means that both parents are able to have holds and cuddles at the same time. No more having to pry the beautiful little bub out of your partners arms to get a hold!

A sense of confidence and power

Growing and carrying a baby is a huge achievement in itself. To give up your body as it’s own so that a little life can grow is the greatest gift you can give. Now times that by 2 or 3 AT ONCE. 

People will compliment you, praise you and maybe even call you superwoman. 

You may be tired, sore and maybe even a little fed up with being pregnant, but there is also an element of empowerment that comes with carrying multiples. It can be a big confidence boost and make you feel unstoppable. 

Advantages of having triplets

Shorter pregnancies

In many cases, twin and triplet pregnancies are shorter than a singleton pregnancy. This can be due to spontaneous early labour,  sizing concerns and doing what is best for both babies and mums health. 

You may feel relieved with the shorter pregnancy and getting to meet your little ones sooner rather than later. 

Another advantage of a shorter pregnancy means that your twins or triplets will enjoy the newborn stage for longer. With early delivery usually comes a smaller birth weight. This means you can enjoy the newborn stage and that amazing newborn baby smell for a few extra weeks. 

Advantages of having twins or triplets

We know that the idea of having twins or triplets can be scary. The thought of having to buy two or three of everything. The extra feeds, the extra hands and the reduced amount of sleep. 

But multiples are a special occurrence and one that we know you will be able to handle. These little people chose you to be their parents and they know you are the right people for the job.


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