The ABC’s of raising multiples!

ABC for multiples

A – Advice. Once pregnant, you become a target of every woman who has given birth. Remember that all these bits of information come with good intentions. You may be surprised at what you’ll learn.

B – Babies.  Once you have more than one at a time, everyone wants to see them.  Try not to get irritated with them.  Instead, be proud and enjoy it, as once they start getting older people don’t notice it as much.

C – Crying.  Get used to it!!!  In stereo!!!!

ABC guide for parents with triplet

D – Disposable or cloth – no matter which type of nappies you choose, people will still try to convince you to use the other style!!!

E – Energy. Your little bundles of joy come heavily equipped. You, on the other hand, will question your ability to breathe.

F – Fingerprints. You will have twenty (or thirty or forty!) on every wall, window and mirror around.

G – Grandparents – You will suddenly appreciate your parents a whole lot more.  Especially if they are available for baby sitting!!

H – Housecleaning.  Accept that while raising multiples, your house will not stay clean for intervals exceeding ten minutes.

I – Incredible.  Raising multiples will be the most incredible, fun, rewarding, crazy, unique and challenging experience of your life

J – Jumbo. If it comes in jumbo size, buy it.  You will need it! From coffee to baby wipes.

Mom raising twins or triplet guide
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K – Kisses. There’s nothing better than kisses from your little ones. They even come in a variety of flavours. Chocolate and dirt are two of the most common.

L – Laughter. Try to laugh at your daily mishaps. Will your children really remember the time you wore odd shoes to the shops?

M – Mobile phone.  Your link to the outside world!

N – Netflix.   No other description is necessary!

O – Online shopping.  Your new best friend.

P – Potty Training. Good Luck!

Q – Quiet. In the rare instance that children are simultaneously sleeping, savour the quiet.  If they are awake and quiet………be afraid……be very afraid at what they are up to.

R – Remember. Remember these days. You will one day wonder how it happened so fast. Take lots of photos and videos so you can look back and wonder how you ever survived.

ABC for raising twins or triplet

S – Sacrifice. Who wanted to go out for a night on the town anyway?

T – Terrible Two’s. Be brave and remember these are your children and you love them. Their behaviour is a force of nature and uncontrollable.

U – Umpire.  This is what you will become once they get old enough to play with toys. No matter which toy one baby is playing with, another baby will suddenly want it!!

V – Voices. No, you’re not crazy. There really are little people saying your name over and over and over and over again.

W – Washing Machine. This will become your most used appliance.

X – Xtra Help – Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Help can range from asking a friend to call in and helping hold a crying baby, to hiring a nanny or lactation consultant.

Y – Yawning.  They wont be babies forever.  And one day they will hopefully sleep right through the night.

Z – Zzz’s – Try to catch some – whenever you can.

Using ABC as guide for mom of multiples


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