triplets sleeping though the night

Surviving the nights with Triplets 

Author: Belinda Smith  Without a doubt one of the hardest times as a parent is the newborn phase.  Trying to work out what this little bundle of joy needs whilst also functioning as a fully fledged member of society – all on no sleep- is tricky to say the least.  As brand new parents, fresh […]

identical triplet boys same class or not

Separating triplets at school

Author: Belinda Smith There are decisions that we as parents of multiples make that parents of singletons never have to grapple with.  One that garners many a heated discussion is that of separating or splitting up our multiples when they start school.  I have seen many multiple birth Facebook groups asking the same questions – “Do I keep them together? Do I separate? What […]

Identical triplets born at 27 weeks

Triplets born at 27 weeks

Author: Belinda Smith Falling pregnant naturally with identical triplets was of course never part of our plan! We ‘discovered’ our little bundles at the first scan (13 weeks) leaving us very little time to adjust to the news and accept how different our life was about to become.  Of course we knew that being triplets […]